Tamil Nadu Open University-MCA Ist Year Introduction to Software (MCA 02) Papers


Tamil Nadu Open University is well known by its graduation and post graduation courses which it offers to the students. This renowned University of southern India holds not only an awesome infrastructure but also a great faculty with well to do laboratory facilities. Tamil Nadu Open University provides both distance and regular courses of MCA to the graduates.

Paper description:

With the hike of software firms as well as IT sectors, this is one of the most demanding courses that students goes for now days. This mainly dedicates your study to the designing of software as well as their workings, testing and implementations. Introduction to software is a very important subject of MCA and provides students with a huge job aspect.

Frequently asked questions:

There are few questions which are repeated every year on this paper and there are also few important topics, the questions from which hold maximum marks of the paper. Those are as follows:

Questions on operating system; what is operating system and what are their benefits?

What is the roll of process control block?

Diagrammatic representation of software life cycle.

Explain two disk scheduling algorithm.

Define CASE tools and state their advantages and disadvantages.

What is file system and how to mount and demount it?

Paper pattern:

MCA Ist Year Introduction to Software paper of Tamil Nadu Open University is completely a subjective paper with two sections, i.e. Part A and Part B.

Part A consists of 25 marks and a total of 7 long answer type questions. The students need to attempt 5 out of the total questions of this section. The questions may or may not be having any sub parts.

Part B consists of a total 50 marks. There are 7 questions which the part holds and the students need to go for 5 out of the 7 questions. Marks allotted to each question are 10. This section normally consists of essay type questions.

The total marks the paper holds are 75 and time for completion of the paper is 3 hours

Recommended Books:

  • Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software by Gamma, Helm, Johnson, and Vlissides
  • Engineering Software for Accessibility by Microsoft Corporation
  • Introduction to Software Development by J. P. Lopez, L. R. I Xirgo
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