Tamil Nadu Open University MCA Second Year Communication Skills Papers


Communication Skill is a compulsory paper in almost all the courses now days, as In present time of Globalisation, every student is required to have a good Communication Skills to do a job in the MNCs and different sectors as good communication skills reflect the confidence in the candidate and helps them to grow in the company.

Which Pattern is followed? :

The paper of Communication Skills is a non-technical one and there are 14 questions asked in the paper. The questions are separated in 2 different sections; Section A is of 7 short answering type questions and 5 from it are needed to be attempted. Section B is of 7 long answering type questions and 5 from it is required to be solved. Each question of every section is of equal marks. The questions asked are mostly practical questions.

Questions asked often:

Questions asked in the paper previously are such as language and their effect on good effective communication, upward communication and its effectiveness, advantages of video conferencing, behaviour in a group discussion, CV is also asked in the paper, agenda asked for the company, electronic devices, interview conducted for a post, drafting of a report as the secretary of a company, power point presentation, speech in a functions etc.

How to obtain the maximum marks in the paper:

Candidates should answer in a neat and clean way to get the good impression of the examiner. Also, format of every CV, Resume, Report Writing should be followed correctly.

Marks Allotted:

The paper can fetch a student a maximum of 75 marks in the paper. Student cannot score full marks in the paper as it a pure subjective paper.

Time Span:

You will get three hours to complete this paper.

Recommended Books:

  • Communication Skills by Matthew McKay
  • Communication Skills by TMH
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