Tamil Nadu Open University-MCA Ist Year Theory of Computer Science (MCA 10) Papers


The paper of Tamil Nadu Open University is of very high standard and all courses offered are well sustained by the infrastructure. Master degree of application in computer is an important one for the students who will get lots of job opportunities after the completion of this course.

Paper Pattern:

The paper of theory of Computer Science is a theoretical one. The paper is of the simple pattern and questions asked are 14 in number.  The questions are divided into 2 parts. 1st part has 7 questions from which 4 are to be attempted and each question is of equal marks. All questions in this section are of short answer type. 2nd part has 7 long answer type questions & each of equal marks. The questions of Section A should be answered within 2 pages and questions of Section B must be answered in 5 pages.

Frequently asked questions:

The paper is a basic paper and it contains basic questions for the students. Questions are repeated from the previous year’s paper, so candidates should revise the papers thoroughly. Questions asked are truth table, simple digraph every node lies in exactly one string binary tree, terminal nodes, equivalence relation, isomorphic graphs, matrix representation of graphs etc. The questions must be answered in their prescribed word limits.

Total marks and time allotted:

A student can get a maximum of 60 marks in this paper and time given is 3 hours for this. The questions of Section A is of 5 marks each and total is 20 marks whereas questions of Section B is of 10 marks each and total marks is 40.

Recommended Books:

  • Theory of Computer Science by Mishra &Chandrasekaran
  • Theory of computer science by SS Sane
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