Top 7 tips on Effective Time Management for Class 12 students


Time is the most valuable asset for people and this is truer in the case of students especially who are in their class 12, which plays an important role in deciding their future course of studies and career.

The term “Time management” is actually an art and some students naturally possess time management skills, while for some; it becomes highly essential in this crucial part of their stage. Students at this stage should keep in mind that wealth lost can be regained by hard work and health lost can be regained through proper medication, but time lost cannot be regained and they should effectively use their time in such a way that they need not worry about wasting of their precious time. Being a 12th standard student, here are top seven suggestions that will be of great use to you in effectively managing the precious asset of your life:

1. Be Organized: Prepare a list of chapters to be studied within the end of this weak and set yourself a goal to complete particular level of chapters for each day and try to fix to the ‘to do list’ by all means without wasting even a single minute.

2. Plan ahead: Determine well in advance, how long will it take for you to complete a particular chapter and check whether you can combine other activities like practicing of diagrams in that chapter. Also, check whether it is possible to break down a large chapter into smaller blocks so that you can easily finish it off within the time.

3. Prioritizing: In your to-do list try to prioritize the chapters to be completed first and chapters that can be focused later.

4. Avoid Overload: When preparing your to-do list include time for socializing, exercise, eating, sleep, relaxation and rest since these can further enhance your enthusiasm to work on your to-do list. Take short breaks during your study schedule and do not put everything off until the last minute.

5. Practice the best study techniques: It is essential to have the best environment for studying so that you can concentrate without any distractions. As mentioned earlier, splitting of larger chapters to smaller blocks can enable you to complete it easily and if possible try to get your doubts cleared then and there rather than combining all of them together.

6. Flexibility: Life always has chances of unexpected happenings like sickness and therefore it is essential to keep yourself healthy. If you are not in a position to follow your to-do list on a particular day, you should be flexible enough to adjust the same with the schedule of the next two or three days.

7. Have a vision: Fixation of a vision is highly essential and only when you fix larger aims, you can achieve at least 75% of your goal and therefore set higher goals and try hard to achieve your desired goal

Remember, effective time management not only during your study holidays, but right from the beginning of your class XII can help you a long way in avoiding last minute planning and rush. All the Best for fruitful future studies after 12th Std!!!!



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    Akshay ghosh:

    I am 12 pass student (with 79% marks).hight 174cm and chest 86cm
    can i apply for CBI or CID

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    Aditi Banerjee:

    What are the best courses after XII commerce