Top Oil & Gas Companies in India


The oil & gas companies in India have been actively participating in contributing towards the rapid growth of the economy of India. According to a report published by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas of India, the country has a total reserve of more than 1400 billion cubic meters of natural gas and 1200 million metric tonnes of crude oil as on the 1st of April 2010.

During the financial year 2009-10, the country has exported more than 50 Million Metric Tonnes of petroleum products with the contribution offered by the companies in the sector of Oil & Gas industry. The list of top players in India in the sector of Oil & Gas is given below:

Top 10 companies in the Oil & Gas sector in India:

Indian Oil Corporation

Oil & Natural Gas Commission

Bharat Petroleum

Reliance Petroleum Limited

Essar Oil Limited

Gas Authority of India

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation


Oil India Limited

Tata Petrodyne

Some of the details regarding these top players in the oil & gas sector in India can be obtained from the content given below:

Indian Oil Corporation:

In the Global 500 listing, Indian Oil has got the 125th position and the company holds the pride of being one among the India’s largest Public Sector undertakings. Their capabilities in the oil sector can be understood by the following list of services offered by them:


Materials management

Quality auditing/management

Safety & industrial hygiene

Research & development


Shipping & commercial

Technical & consultancy services

Some of their popular products are:

Indane gas

Auto gas

Natural gas


Gas oil/gasoline

Oil & Natural Gas Commission:

This organization is popularly called as ONGC and it is a flagship company of India and this is made possible by the dedicated team of professionals who are employed in the company. The company is engaged in the E & P activities both in offshore and onshore and they are dealing with new areas like:

Optimization plan field development plan

Marginal field development

Exploration in Frontier basins

Deepwater exploring and drilling

Bharat Petroleum:

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited is one of the largest state-owned company in India with 287th rank in the Fortune Global 500 ranking. The company is engaged in the retailing and refining of petroleum products and they are dealing with a varied range of products from solvents to aircraft and petrochemicals apart from supplying fuels directly to a number of industries and different domestic and international airlines.

Reliance Petroleum Limited:

Reliance is a big name in a number of sectors in India and they have made their mark in the Oil & Gas sector as well. Reliance Petroleum Limited was recently amalgamated with Reliance Industries. They are carrying out their refining activities at the Jamnagar refinery, which has a capacity of 27 million tonnes per annum.

Essar Oil Limited:

Essar has made their mark in a number of industries in India and they offer a wide range of products to bulk customers in the transportation and industrial sector. The company has agreement with a number of oil companies like Indian Oil Corporation, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation, Bharat Petroleum Corporation for sharing product infrastructure and offtake.

Gas Authority of India:

Gas Authority of India, popularly called as GAIL is a flagship Natural Gas company in India, who are integrating all aspects of the natural gas value chain and its related services. This company was incorporated in the year 2008 with the objective of smooth implementation of City Gas Distribution projects.

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation:

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation shortly called as HPCL is offering a market share of 20% with a strong market infrastructure. They are operating two major refineries each at Mumbai and Vishakhapatnam. They are engaged in a wide range of products and services like:


Alternate energy





Aban has a number of companies like Aban informatics, Aban power division, Tyford Tea Estates and Aban Offshore Limited. Aban offshore limited is engaged in Oil & Natural Gas production and this was established in the year 1986. The main purpose behind the establishment of this company is to meet the vibrant needs of the economy and the company launched their first contract drilling service for the Oil & Natural Gas Commission in the year 1987.

Oil India Limited:

Oil India Limited is largest state-owned enterprise in India with its headquarters in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The company was established in the year 1959 and they are engaged in the production of petrochemicals, lubricants & fuels. They mainly focus on the production, development and exploration of natural gas, crude oil transportation and production and production of liquid petroleum gas.

Tata Petrodyne:

Tata Petrodyne Limited is a subsidiary of the popular Tata group, who are engaged in the production and exploration of natural gas and crude oil. This company is engaged in the production of different products in the oil and gas category and they are operating from their headquarters in the city of Mumbai. The company has interest in two offshore blocks in the United Kingdom and Australia respectively and seven onshore and offshore blocks in different parts of India.

Companies in the Oil & Gas sector in India, not only contribute towards the development of economy by the way of production, but the sector is also offering a wide range of employment opportunities to the appropriate talents.



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