Top Truck Manufacturers in India


As most of us know, trucks are fundamentally used for carrying of materials and good in bulk quantities. Trucks are normally classified into different categories like trailers, deliver vans, cabs, tippers, rigid trucks and haulage depending on their functional use and size.

Due to the growth of commercial sector in India, trucks are brought under the intrinsic category of vehicle. In the past few years, the fuel efficiency of these vehicles were improved by the truck manufacturers and the names of the top truck manufacturers in India are given below:

Top five truck manufacturers in India:

Ashok Leyland

Asia Motor Works

Force Motors

Mahindra & Mahindra

Tata Motors

Some of the details regarding these top five truck manufacturers in India are given below:

Ashok Leyland:

Ashok Leyland began their operations in the year 1948 and they are one of the leading manufacturers of buses, trucks, commercial vehicles and military and emergency vehicles as well. They are also engaged in the manufacture of engines and spare parts for marine and industrial applications. Their annual sales amounts to more than 7000 engines and 60,000 vehicles every year and they are the second largest commercial vehicle company in India in the heavy and medium commercial vehicle category with a market share of nearly 28% as per their financial report of the year 2007-08. As far as truck segment is concerned, they basically concentrate on 16 to 25 ton range of trucks even though they have made their mark in the entire range of trucks from as less as 7.5 tons to as heavy as 49 tons capacity of trucks.

Asia Motor Works:

Asia Motors is a company that is driven by positive attitude, enthusiasm and energy and in the fast growing industry sector of India they are engaged in the business of offering transport solutions for a new competitive age. Their product range includes fully built vehicles, concrete pumps, transit mixers, haulage, tractors and tippers. All these vehicles come under the category of trucks since they can carry heavy loads meant for different purposes. Their trucks are designed to offer optimum performance on any kind of roads irrespective of whether they are expressways or rural roads.

Force Motors:

Force Motors are operating from their headquarters in the city of Pune in Maharashtra and the company came into existence in the year 1958 in the name of Firodia Tempo Limited. Their product range includes tractor, trax, trump and traveler vehicles. This company was partially acquired by Bajaj Auto and both these companies jointly produced several vehicles like buses, tractors, light commercial vehicles, cross country vehicles, multi-utility vehicles and three wheelers and presently they are also engaged in the manufacture of heavy commercial vehicles like trucks. The manufacture of wide range of vehicles in different categories like heavy commercial vehicles, tractors, light commercial vehicles, multi utility vehicles and small commercial vehicles.

Mahindra & Mahindra:

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited is a subsidiary of the popular Mahindra Group, which is a multinational company based in the city of Mumbai. The company began its operations in the year 1945 in Ludhiana and it got its present name in the year 1948 and during this year, the company began its operations in Mumbai. Some of the models of trucks manufactured by them are Maxximo, loadking, genio, Bolero Maxi Truck, Mahindra Navister Trucks, Gio and Alfa.

Tata Motors:

Tata Motors are operating from their headquarters in the city of Mumbai and they are engaged in the manufacture of engines and automobiles. They are also offering design and outsourced engineering services. Some of the subsidiaries of this company are Tata Hispano, TDCV, Land Rover and Jaguar. In the commercial vehicles category, they are engaged in the manufacture of small commercial vehicles, light commercial vehicles, intermediate commercial vehicles and medium & heavy commercial vehicles.



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