University of Pune B.Tech 2nd Semester-Applied Science-II Papers


University of Pune is one of the premier universities in the state of Maharashtra and is known to provide standard education to its students. There are plenty of undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by this university. It conducts Applied Science-II papers exam for the B.Tech 2nd semester students.  

Paper Description:

The B.Tech 2nd Semester-Applied Science-II Papers holds the information about the basic physics and chemistry. The paper deals with the knowledge about the composition of fuels and combustion. The paper also provides the detailed information about the lasers, superconductivity and physics of nano particles. In order to complete the whole syllabus one should have to complete these two subjects very carefully.

Paper Pattern:

The University of Pune B.Tech 2nd Semester-Applied Science-II Papers contains questions from two different subjects, chemistry and physics respectively. Both these papers hold the same paper pattern. There are a total of six questions out of which one need to attempt atleast three questions. The marks of the first four questions are equal whereas the last two question carry 16 marks. Candidates are asked to draw the figures at the right side of the answer sheet which indicate full marks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Basically, there are very few questions that are asked most of times in the examination. They are properties of corrosion and prevention, Gibbe’s Phase Rule, Electroplating etc. There are still few topics that may hold many chances to ask in the examination are wave particle duality, lasing action, superconductivity and types of semiconductor etc.

Full Marks and Time Allotted:

Both the papers under Applied Science-II papers carry 50 marks each and the total time duration allotted for each paper is two hours.

Books Recommended:

Applied science – ii fe sem ii pune university nirali prakashan

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