University of Pune-B.Tech 2nd Semester-Engineering Mechanics Papers


The paper of Mechanics is the core paper of Mechanical engineering. In this paper, general and basic laws and principles regarding to the Mechanical Engineering are taught. The Candidates basically get to learn the laws of thermodynamics, principles of Isothermal and heat exchange in the paper.

Paper Pattern followed by the University

The paper of Engineering Mechanics is containing 6 questions in it and these questions are with their own internal alternative to choose. The questions are of both numerical and theoretical type. The questions are divided into 2 sections and in each section 2 questions are of equal marks. The questions are separated into 3 sub-questions for the ease of students. The answers of each section are to be answered in separate group.

Some important questions for the exam

The questions asked in the paper are such as definition of process, path, state, cycle & system, Bourdon Pressure Gauge with sketch, specific heat, 1st law of thermodynamics, steady flow energy equation, PMMI, Isothermal process, Enthalpy, refrigerator cycle, applications of compressed air, classification of boiler, IC engine and its type, centrifugal pump, hydroelectric plant with sketch, fin and its applications, counter flow & parallel flow heat exchanger, nuclear power plant with sketch, soldering and brazing etc.

Tips for the paper:

The paper is full of numerical problems and derivation of laws, so students should revise the important principles, derivations and numerical on it.

Marks Allotted:

The paper is given a highest of 100. Student can score full marks in the paper if they do it correctly and write according to the demand of the question.

Time Allotted:

You will get a maximum of three hours to write your paper.

Recommended Books:

  • Engineering Mechanics by TMH
  • Thermodynamics by NAG
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