University of Pune-B.Tech 2nd Semester-Basic Electronics Engineering Papers


The University of Pune is providing education to the students from the starts of the University. The degree of engineering is an important one for the students who is interested in excels in the field of engineering. Electronics is a sector which provides a no. of jobs for the students.

Paper Pattern:

The paper of Basic Electronics Engineering is a technical paper and all questions are of different marks in the paper. There are 6 questions in the paper and each question come with its own alternative to choose. Each question is with their 2-3 sub-questions. The questions are of both theoretical and numerical type. The questions are also of principles and expressions. Questions are also repeated from the previous year’s paper. The questions are required to be solved with circuit diagram if demanded in a question.  Use of calculators is permissible. Both sections are to be submitted separately.

Frequently asked questions:

All questions are of theoretical as well as numerical questions. The paper contains questions such as Conductor, Insulator and Semiconductor, charging of Lead Acid Battery, expression for α2, Insulation Resistance, Superposition Theorem, Kirchhoff’s Laws, IC circuits, Equivalent Delta Network, Thevenin’s Theorem, waveform indicating these values etc. Questions asked are from the whole syllabus and each module is equally distributed with marks. Questions from previous year’ are repeated and students are advised to revise them.

Total marks and time allotted:

A highest mark which can be given to the students is 100 and time allotment is 3 hours only. 4 questions are of 16 marks each and 2 questions are of 18 marks each which are further divided into 2-3 sub-questions.

Recommended Books:

  • Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering. By R.K. Rajput
  • Electronics by Willey
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