UPSC Mains Dogri (Paper I) Papers


Union Public Service commission is one of the highest governing bodies of the country. It conducts exam every year for the recruitment of the candidates for the different post of the civil servants. Since this post involve a great deal of power and repute there are many candidates taking the exam. The examination is conducted throughout the length and breadth of India and candidates are plenty of subject to choose from. One option available for the language paper is Dogri.

Importance of the paper

The paper is very exhaustive and tough because it ensures the selection of only the best candidates. The first paper of the series consists questions on the history, characteristics etc of the Dogri language.


The paper consists of eight questions in all which are descriptive and short answer type questions.

Paper pattern

The paper consists of the two sections that consist of four questions each. The candidate is supposed to answer the first and the fifth question which are compulsory. He or she is free to pick any three from the rest of the six remaining questions. However they need to answer them taking at least one from each section.


The total marks of the paper are 300. Each question carries 60 marks each. The first and the fifth questions however carry three questions each of 20 marks. There is no negative marking. However it is expected of the candidates to write the answers in Dogri.

Time allotted

A total time of 3 hours is allotted to the candidates to complete the question paper which is not really a lot so it basically depends on the candidate as to how he chooses to utilize it.

Recommended books

The books mostly used by the candidates taking the exam are for poetry:

Azadi Paihle Di Dogri Kavita

The following poets:

Devi Ditta, Lakkhu, Ganga Ram, Ramdhan, Hardutt, Pahari Gandhi Baba Kanshi Ram & Permanand Almast

And for prose

Ajakani Dogri Kahani Part-II

The following Short Story writers:

Ved Rahi, Narsingh Dev Jamwal, Om Goswami, Chhattrapal, Lalit Magotra, Chaman Arora and Ratan Kesar.

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