NET Kashmiri (Paper III) Papers


The University grants commission conducts the NET Kashmiri (Paper III) Papers as well. They employ a number of experts in the field to make this question paper so that there is no room for mistakes and the proper assessment of the candidates taking the exam can be carried out. The Kashmiri language is primarily spoken in the state of Kashmir. It is also taught as a part of the school curriculum in the government schools in the state as the third language. The other two languages are Hindi and English.

Importance of the paper

India is an excellent example of the proverb unity in diversity. I very well demonstrate the above said fact by allowing the coexistence of so many different cultures and their traditions as individuals and all under the same roof. They are all thriving. The people in India live in perfect harmony. NET Kashmiri (Paper III) Papers are prepared keeping in mind that the long kept tradition is carried on. It tests the grammar and the writing skills of the candidates taking the exam.

Paper pattern

You will find 4 sections in this paper and instructions are given how you have to answer them


In the first section you will find there are 2 questions whose weightage is 40 marks, each carrying 20 marks and has to be answered in 500 words. In the second section you will find 3 questions from each of the specialisations/electives. You must choose one and attempt all 3 questions. The weightage for each question will be 15 marks and word limit will be 300 words. In third section you will find nine 10 marks questions required to be answered in 50 words. In the last section there are 5 questions with a weightage of 5 marks each and word limit of 30 words.

Time allotted

2 hours and 30 minutes is the time allotted for this paper.

Recommended books

The most popular books are the essays in Kashmiri language by Grierson George and A manual of Kashmiri language by Grieson George.

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