WBUT B.Tech in Instrumentation 8th Sem Mobile Communication Papers


Brief about the course:

Engineering in any trade has huge importance in the present market. Amongst various kinds of engineering trades, Instrumentation is considered to be one of the specific and important trades. The subject deals with the technological study of various kinds of instruments and devices. Various principles and factors to be taken under consideration while measuring a device, is what one studies in the subject.

About the subject:

Mobile communication as the name suggests is about the study of various communication measures and instruments. The mobile communication lays more interest on the instruments and methods used widely by the mobile phones in the country.

Kind of questions:

The question paper has almost all kinds of questions in it. There are objective based Multiple Choice Questions (MCQS), as well as subjective type long and short answer questions. The question may or may not be straight forward on the topic, but is always from within the syllabus.

Paper pattern:

WBUT B.Tech in Instrumentation 8th Sem Mobile Communication Paper, like other papers of WBUT, follows a simple and specific trend. The question paper is divided in to their section as mentioned earlier. All the objective type, MCQs are in the first section of the paper. The short answer type questions of 5 marks are in the second section, Section B of the paper. There are 5 such questions, out of which one has to choose any 3. The last section, section C has all the long answer questions. There are 5 such questions from which the candidates are asked to answer any 3. There is no negative marking scheme for the wrong answers.

Time allotted and full marks:

10 MCQs of 1 marks each, 3 questions of 5 marks each and 3 questions of 15 marks each together constitutes 70 marks for the paper. This paper is to be answered in 3 hours duration.

Recommended books:

These are few books that one requires in order to bring out good result. These are:

  • J. Schiller, Mobile Communications, Addison –Wesley, 2003
  • T. S. Rapport, Wireless Communications, Principle and Practices
  • Forouzan, Data Communications and Networking, TMH

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