WBUT Electronics and Communication 8th Sem. Values and Ethics in Profession Papers


The subject of value and ethics helps a candidate to become perfect to handle the higher requirements of their careers and also sharpen their skills and their morale. Values and Ethics in Profession teaches them the values of moral responsibilities which they are entrusted with at the work place. The subject also teaches how to avoid conflict of interests, which may lead them to take some decisions which are ethically not correct. Whistle blowing and various types of whistle blowing also forms a part of this subject.

Paper Pattern:

The paper of Values and Ethics in the 8th semester contains 11 questions in it. The questions are kept in 3 different sections for the students. Section A is of multiple choices questions and there are 11-12 questions with 4 choices. Section B is of 5 short answering type questions and 3 questions are required to be attempted. Section C is of 5 long answering type questionsand 3 from this section is needed to be attempted. Section C consisting 2-3 sub-questions as the question which makes it easier to the students. Each question of every group is of equal marks.

Frequently asked questions:

The questions asked in the paper are such as social & ethical responsibilities in technologies, meaning of value spectrum in a good life, business demands and professional ideas, definition of club of Rome, concepts of eco-friendly products & eco-friendly technologies, technology transfer, technology assessment impact analysis, value crisis, code of ethics in profession, sustainable development, industrial development and resource utilization etc.

Is there any scope of scoring full marks in this paper?

WBUT is based on grading system i.e. SGPA/CGPA. If a student scores between 90-100 marks he will awarded 10 out of 10. So there are chances of his/her scoring perfect score of 10 in this paper. Only thing they have to do is to write proper answers and give examples.

Marks and time:

The paper gives opportunity to score a maximum of 70 marks and time allotted is 3 hours only. 30 marks are for internal exams.

Recommended Books:

  • Introduction to Professional Values and Ethics by Frederic G
  • Ethics & Professional Values by Rutledge and the Taylor
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