WBUT, CSE, 8th Sem., Values and Ethics in Profession Papers


West Bengal University of Technology is one of the renowned Universities in India and most students covet to be placed in that University. The university offers various courses in different streams. It provides engineering courses too. Computer Science engineering students of the University, during the 8th semester of the course have to learn Values and ethics in profession. At the end of the semester, they have to write the exam of the subject.

Type of questions

The subject is all about teaching the students to keep their moral values up when they step into a career. This is a very important subject especially considering the fact that the morality of the world have started to dwindle. This subject will help to bring morality up within the students.

The paper consists of both objective and descriptive questions. The paper is divided into three sections A, B and C. Section A consists of objective questions. Section B consists of short answer type questions and C consists of long answer type questions. To each objective question, four choices will be provided. Only one of them will be correct. The candidate has to choose the most appropriate answer. There are a total of 12 objective questions and the candidates need to answer any 10. In section B, there are 5 short answer type questions.  Any three of them have to be answered. Section C consists of 5 questions and three have to be answered.

Total marks

The candidates are allotted 3 hours for completing the paper and an additional 15 minutes for reading the questions and for clearing any doubts.

The paper is for a total of 70 marks. A candidate needs to score 35% to pass. Section A contributes 10 marks, B contributes 15 marks and C contributes 45 marks.

Ways to score well

Learning the trend of the question that appear in the question paper every year by referring to previous year question papers is the best method to score well. Before referring extra books, make sure to cover the entire syllabus. Only after covering the syllabus should you make use of additional study material.

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    natural language processing-wbut paper-cse 8th sem(optional)
    Please send 5yrs question

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    Pousali Sanyal:

    I want,Electronic and Instrumentation Engineering stems 8th semester syllabus of this subjects.
    1.Values and ethics in profession.
    2.Industrial Management.
    3.Biomedical & Ecological Measurements.
    4.Mobile Communications

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    bimalendu de:

    Please send detail about syllabus of all subjects for appearing in 8th semester for CSE in WBUT