WBUT, MCA, Sem I Business English and Communication (HU101 (MCA)) Papers


MCA students of WBUT University during the first semester of the course have to learn Business English and communication. They have to face the exam of this subject too. This paper is very important to those students who are aspiring to get them placed in international firms.

Paper pattern

The question paper is divided into three sections A, B and C. Section A consists of 10 questions which are all multiple choice questions. There are no negative marks for answering the questions wrongly. The candidates have to answer all the questions from this section.  Section B consists of five questions. The candidates are required to answer three questions of the five. The questions in this section are short-answer types and have to be answered briefly and to the point. In section C, there are 4 questions. The candidates need to answer three questions out of the four. This section is totally descriptive and the questions are long answer type and have to be answered by presenting long essays.

Allotment of marks

The paper is for a total mark of 70. Section A is for 10 marks and all the questions from this section has to be answered. Section B is for 15 and section C is for 45 marks. The candidates have to secure a minimum of 40% to pass the exam.

Duration of the paper

Candidates will be allotted 3 hours for answering the question paper. Before the start of the exam, candidates will be allowed fifteen minutes for reading the question paper.

About the subject

The subject is all about English. The subject requires the candidates to improve their vocabulary and question regarding the meaning of words will be present in the question paper. Talking proper English will help you improve grammar and hence will help you score better.

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