WBUT, CSE, 8th Sem., E-Commerce and ERP Papers


West Bengal University of Technology is a university which is managed by the government of West Bengal and provides quality education to students. The university offers courses in engineering. Computer Science engineering is offered by the university and students all over the country flock in to study here. The students of Computer Science engineering students of the university have to learn E-commerce and ERP during the 8th semester. The paper of the subject has to be answered by the students at the time of semester ending.

Contents of the subject

Focus is given to various financial transactions that are made through electronic media in the subject. This can be considered as a management subject and deals with management of various transactions over electronic media.

Trend of question paper

The question in the paper is a mixture of multiple choice questions and descriptive ones. The sections in the paper are three. Each section consists of different type of questions. Multiple choice questions are in section A, short answer type is in B and long answer type is in C.

Mode of evaluation and duration of paper

The marks of all the questions mount to 70. To pass the exam a minimum of 25 marks need to be scored. Out of 70, 15 marks have to be secured from section A, 10 from B and 45 from C.

Must-read books

Here is a list of books that will help you in preparing for the exam:

•    ERP systems by Daniel E.O Leary
•    E-commerce and risk by Tom Hall
•    ERP and E-commerce by Paul Murphy
•    SME and E-commerce by Zorayda Ruth B. Andam

Contents of the syllabus

The syllabus includes:

•    Advantages and disadvantages of E-commerce
•    Risks associated with E-commerce
•    Cyber laws
•    Types of convergence

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    How to score good marks in theory papers like ERP,EMBEDED SYSTEM,INTERNET SECURITY in Ty Bsc IT ??