WBUT, MCA, Sem I, Business System and Applications (MCA102) Papers


MCA students of WBUT University during the first semester of the course have to learn Business system and applications. At the end of the semester, the students have to take an exam of this subject. This is a very important subject for MCA students and they need to score high.

Paper pattern

The paper consists of three sections, A, B and C. Section A is compulsory and all the questions in this section have to be answered. This section consists of ten multiple choice questions.  Section B consists of seven question. Out of the seven, the candidates need to answer three questions. All the questions in this section are short answer types. Section C too consists of seven question of which three are to be attempted by the candidates. All the questions in this section are long answer types.

Allotment of marks

The total mark of the paper is 70. Section A consists of 10 questions carrying a mark each and sums to 10 marks. Three questions of 5 marks each have to be answered in section B and sums to 15 marks. From section C three questions are to be answered, each carrying 9 marks. The marks in this section add to 45.

Duration of the paper

The paper is for duration of three hours. The candidates need to finish answering the question paper within this allotted time. No extra time will be provided. The first fifteen minutes of the examination is strictly meant for reading the question paper.

About the subject

The subject is mainly about the application of various computer applications like OLAP. It involves topics from all spheres like multimedia, working of ATMs et cetera. Good command over the subject is required to answer the paper well.

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