WBUT CSE 4th Sem Mathematics (M 401) Papers


The West Bengal University of Technology is one of the most important Universities in the eastern part of India. This university caters to many colleges offering technological courses in the state of West Bengal. B.Tech, M.Tech, BBA, BCA, MCA are some of the courses offered by the colleges affiliated to this university. Computer Science and Engineering is an important branch offered to the people pursuing B.Tech under this university. Mathematics is an important subject for them as it sets the basics clear for many derivations needed for subjects taken up later in this course.

How Many Sections Can You Expect In This Paper?

This paper consists of three sections. The first section carries 10 marks, the second one carries 15 marks where as the third section carries a total of 45 marks making the whole paper a 70 marks paper. The first section generally comprises of multiple choice questions in which a student has to answer ten to complete this question. The second section allows the student to answer three questions of five marks each thus adding fifteen marks to his score. Even in the third section a student has to answer three questions thus completing his 45 marks.

Division of Marks:

The university gives the student a choice in both Section B and Section C. in each section a student has to answer 3 out of the 5 questions given to him. This allows the student to score well as he can choose the topics he is best at.

How Many Hours Would You Be Given to Complete The Paper?

The maximum time allotted for the paper is three hours.

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