WBUT, MCA, 4th Semester, Environment and Ecology Papers


About The University:

WBUT (West Bengal University of Technology) is a public state university. The university mainly provides different type of programs in multidisciplinary field like science, technology and management. At the beginning of this university, it was regulated and maintained by the state of West Bengal in order to distribute quality education to the aspiring candidates.

Insight of the Paper:

Environmental and Ecology paper of MCA 4th semester contains question related to the environment, ecological problems, about pollutants which affect our ecology system and different procedure for its treatment. There are also questions related to the data which provide the idea about extent of pollution in water Ex:-BOD, COD and DO.  Candidates should look after Questions based on theoretical topic of ecological problems like water, air problems and different treatment methods. They should also be aware of calculative questions like COD, DO, Growth rate etc. Environmental and Ecology paper is a very important and interesting which completely deal with our ecosystem and provides knowledge how to protect our ecosystem and care for it.

Paper Pattern:

Paper pattern of WBUT is same for all streams in all semesters. It contains three groups A, B & C. Group A includes multiple choice question and this group contain eleven or twelve questions out of which only ten questions are compulsory. The part B involves short answer type and it contains five questions. After that last group C contains about six questions in which only three questions are compulsory. This section of the question paper includes fifteen marks per question. There are multiple divisions in last section.

Time and full Marks:

Total time allotted for completing the entire question is of three hours and the total marks of the paper is 100.

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