WBUT CSE 2nd Sem, Chemistry Papers


The chemistry paper of West bengal university of technology basically covers what has already been taught in 10+2, but some of the topics here are of advanced level; hence you should not make mistake of taking this subject lightly. Our effort here would be to give you an overview of the paper structure at the same will provide you with some of the solved previous year’s question papers.

Paper pattern

If you want to score well, know the subject better and understand the paper pattern best. Chemistry paper is divided into 3 groups, Group A, Group B and Group C. Group A consist of 10 multiple type questions and each of the question carries 1 marks. Group B is of the category short answer type questions and here you get to chose 3 questions out of the 5 given. In this Group, each question carries 5 marks.

Questions asked in Group C belong to the category of long answer type questions and same as Group B will have 5 questions, out of which you need to select any 3 questions. In this Group, questions may or may not have subdivisions, but each of the question carry 15 marks.

Full marks and time allowed

Group A – 10 Marks, Group B – 15 marks, Group C – 45 Marks, making a total of nothing less than 70; and we are sure you would have calculated that already after reading the section on paper pattern. Coming to maximum time allowed to write this paper, you have 180 minutes or 3 hours in your hand to complete this paper.

Recommended books

  • Engineering chemistry by Dr. B.S.Chauhan
  • Engineering chemirty – Sunita rattan
  • Engineering chemistry – Jain And Jain
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