Wildlife Biologist - How to become a Wildlife Biologist?


Wildlife biology is the branch of biology that includes the study and analysis of various animals and their location. Those who work in this field are known as wildlife biologist. These professionals have to work with different species of wild animals and research on their habitats, characters, life span, etc. They work in different areas like forests, parks, and variety of natural settings. Those with a high passion in animals and with analytical mind can become wildlife biologist after gaining some educational qualification and training in this field.

Qualifying exam

To become a successful wildlife biologist one have to satisfy some educational qualifications. The minimum qualification needed is a graduation in wildlife/ zoology/ biology/ ecology. Many universities offer this particular branch of study for the interested aspirants. To get into the high designation job in this field, a post graduation or PhD in the same is required. Acquiring experience while pursuing their degree may help these professionals to get an exposure in this field. Most of the universities provide internship in the final year. They can join as trainees to a senior professional or can even volunteer zoos or wildlife habitats to gain experience.

Who is eligible to apply?

Candidates who have pursued their higher secondary education in biology with mathematics from any reputed institutions can join the undergraduate degree in wildlife/ biology or related subjects. Most of the universities and colleges organize tests for the admission procedures. And those who wish to get a good career in this field should pursue master’s degree or PhD in the same.

Key points in the process

  • Pursue a pass in the senior school examination in biology with good academic scores. Acquire a thorough knowledge in biology related subjects from this level itself.
  • Find the universities or colleges which offer bachelor’s degree in wildlife/ zoology/ biology or ecology and pursue the degree.
  • Gain as much experience as possible in this field while pursuing the degree. Join as apprentice to senior professionals in this field or volunteer for the zoos or wildlife settings.
  • Pursue master’s degree or PhD in the same for a better job in this field.

Skills required for a Wildlife Biologist

Wildlife biologists need a set of different skills for performing in this field. They should have a keen interest in analyzing about the animals and their domicile. A person with high passion in animals is more suitable for this profession. They must have patience and an analytical mind. Apart from the regular educational qualifications they also need excellent skills in communication and public speaking ability.



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9 Responses to “Wildlife Biologist - How to become a Wildlife Biologist?”

  1. 9

    there are courses for wildlife ..but there are nooo jobs as such except the forest exams or any NGOs…to work.

  2. 8

    i have completed my btech from computer science stream and now i want to be a wildlife biologist and want to protect animals.
    what is the procedure for the same ??
    kindly guide me….

  3. 7
    Yogesh chouhan:

    I am a student of biology in Jodhpur, Rajasthan is there any university to qualify to an Biologist?

  4. 6

    DEar sir
    Is this important to do +2 with medical for becoming a wildlife researcher

  5. 5
    Prashant Bhatnagar:

    i want to ask that i have done my b.tech in information technology so can i make my carrier in wildlife field?
    If yes kindly suggest me the steps to get in.

  6. 4
    pnaaz ali:

    dear sir
    i am a student of class 12 with physics, chemistry and biology as main subjects. i do not have maths. am i eligible to become a wildlife biologist?

  7. 3

    What exams should be given ,and what course to be done after 12th std to become a wildlife biologist?

  8. 2
    Tanuj Gedam:

    Is there any college in Maharashtra for studing wildlife biology?

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    i just read this article about how to become a wildlife biologist and what are the requirements, can u please help me out by saying which entrance exam are we supposed to write in order to become one as i am really keen on working with wild animals. . thank you.