Difference between Zoologist and Wildlife Biologist


Zoologist and wildlife biologist are the professionals working in the same field. They deal with the same theme, animals and their life. Although their work area is same the two professions have their own differences. Zoology is the field that includes the study of animals. It is about their behavior, structure and functions. The wildlife biology is that includes the study about animals and their habitats.

Job Profile of a Zoologist

Zoology is the branch of biology which includes the study of animal life, their structure, characters and functions. The professionals who work in the field of animals and research about their life are called zoologist. These are trained professionals who care for animals and their life. These people usually work in zoos. They can perform in many roles here such as directors, curators and zookeepers. The other areas of their working are conservation, protection and prevention and breeding of various species. To become a zoologist a master’s degree in zoology is the minimum qualification. But most of the positions need a doctoral degree in zoology. They must have a strong background in biology, chemistry and mathematics. Most of the zoologist gain experience by working part time in zoos or related areas while pursuing their degree.

Job Profile of a Wildlife Biologist

Wildlife biology is also a branch of biology which includes the study of various animals and their locations. A professional working in this field is usually called as a wildlife biologist. They work with various species of animals and analyze their habitats, their life cycle, their behaviors, etc. They work in forests, parks and many natural settings. This profession is most suitable for those who have a passion in animals and wildlife. To become a professional in this field one should have a minimum qualification of graduation in wildlife/ biology/ zoology/ ecology. A master’s degree or PhD in the same will help to gain high designation job in the same field. These professionals must have deep background in biology, botany and zoology. They can acquire experience in this work while pursuing degree. An important qualification needed for these professionals is that that should have good communication skills and public speaking ability.

Key differentiators between Zoologist and Wildlife Biologist

  • Zoologist is a professional who works with animals and research on their life, their origin and their behavior. While a Wildlife biologist works with various animals and research on their habitats.
  • Zoologists need a strong background in biology, chemistry and mathematics. Wildlife biologists need a thorough knowledge in biology, botany and zoology

Even though the zoologists and wildlife biologists work in the same field their nature of job differ in many aspects.



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