Advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Learning


Flexibility, convenience and cost effectiveness are the main advantages of distance education. The scheme of study is quite suitable for students of remote towns or villages, who do not have enough options for higher education. On the other side, distance education has certain disadvantages also. Absence of direct faculty and proper study environment are the most important cons of distance learning. Over dependence on technology/internet is yet another disadvantage.

Advantages of Studying through Distance Learning


Flexibility is one of the biggest advantages of distance education. The option is suitable for working professionals interested in higher studies. They can pursue higher studies without affecting career. Such a situation often helps professionals to attain higher grades in career with lucrative salary. To be more precise one can earn and study at the same time.


In distance education, there is no need to live in close proximity with the University. Study materials can be collected online or through post. Students, who are comfortable with internet and technology, can make the best out of it by clearing doubts and exchange views online. Projects and assignments can also be submitted through online mode.

Grasping power of each of the students is different. Distance education often helps students to study at a pace that is comfortable for them.

Cost Effectiveness

As there are no geographical barriers for attaining distance education, travelling cost can be considerably reduced. Also, distance education programs are comparatively cheaper than regular courses.

The scheme of study is quite suitable for students of remote towns or villages, who do not have enough options for higher education.

Disadvantages of Studying through of Distance Education

Absence of direct faculty

Lack of personnel interaction with faculties often affects the learning curve for some students. Here study process, is totally dependent on the grasping power of the student.

Absence of proper study environment

Proper classroom situation often improves the learning ability of a student. Inappropriate environment can result in students losing discipline in study. They may also miss deadlines for submitting projects or assignments.

Overdependence on Technology

Some of the distance education programs require access to internet and technology. This may be unreachable to students of remote areas and they may lose the opportunity to pursue such a course. Also, those who are uncomfortable with internet access may find difficulty in online study.

Another disadvantage of distance education is that not all courses can be taught online. Courses like engineering and medicine require practical sessions to have better understanding.  Also, certain employers prefer candidates pursuing regular course over distance education during recruitment.



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