Advantages and Disadvantages of studying Abroad


The key benefits of studying abroad are associated with global exposure and education, skill development, foreign language study, international exposure to study area, learning new foreign language and high job prospects. Abroad study is not free from demerits. The specific disadvantage of studying abroad is that it is an expensive affair. More over, students will have initial cultural shocks and also face loneliness while living in foreign country.

Advantages of studying Abroad

Global Education and Exposure – Choosing an option of studying abroad will provide a unique opportunity for students to grow both personally as well as academically. It helps in widening the area of knowledge. This option facilitates students to gain more practical exposure in the specific field of study.

Acclimatize to a foreign culture - Leaving a home country and studying abroad will help students to get exposed to a totally new culture. Students get the opportunity to acquire quality education which helps in sharpening their interpersonal skills.

Learning new foreign Language – Studying abroad also gives students the opportunity to sharpen the language skill by learning a new language. A strong cultural involvement makes it possible to learn a particular foreign language effectively with correct vocabulary and colloquial addition which even foreign language text books cannot provide.

High Job prospects – While considering the competitive nature of job market, students who take up studies abroad in a reputed college or university will get higher demand in the current job market. An international degree along with practical exposure in the specific field will help a student to stay demarcate from other applicants. Also, an international degree is a value addition in CV to enhance employability.

Increased Skill development and Independence – Studying abroad helps in gaining skills in areas like communication, motivation, crisis management, independence, responsibility and cultural competence (by students).

Disadvantages of studying Abroad

Increased Cost – One of the key disadvantages of studying abroad is associated with the cost of studies. The study expenses are higher. Even though, there are many universities which provide education funds, students need to bear the living expenses themselves, in most cases. Also, certain universities do not allow students to go with part time jobs.

Cultural shock – A student who visits a particular foreign country for the first time will have a culture shock viewing some of the prominent differences in food, language, culture, habit and custom. An initial difficulty will be there to adjust to a new countries culture suddenly.

Communication Problem – Communication is another important difficulty faced by students studying abroad. Even if students have the ability to speak English, their ascent differs widely from how natives speak.

Loneliness – Majority of the students experience home sickness during the initial weeks while going for abroad studies.



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