Campus Recruitment - Advantages and Disadvantages


Campus recruitment includes specific advantages and disadvantages. Main advantage of campus placement is that it is possible for companies to select best, quality candidates within short time duration. Students can have the advantage of getting a reputed job even before completion of their academic course in college. Increased selection ratio, building company loyalty among students, etc is some other possible advantages. The main disadvantages of campus recruitment are incurred high expenses for companies (in recruitment and training).

Advantages of Campus Recruitment

Campus recruitment activity offers several advantages to both the companies as well as the job applicants. Following are some of the main advantages of campus recruitment listed below -

  • The companies will be benefited from getting wide choice of candidates to select for different job posts. Companies can select the right and talented candidate from a vast pool of young applicants within a limited time. On the other hand, students have the advantage of getting a good job according to their qualification level even before the completion of their academic course in college.
  • Campus recruitment helps in saving time and efforts of the companies. The entire campus recruitment process from a college is not a tedious toil. It prevents the occurrence of unusual expenditures related to recruitment process such as advertisement, initial screening, and final selection procedures etc. This in turn turns to be useful in reduced manpower effort and time as well.
  • An organization through effective campus recruitment finds an opportunity to establish a link with the next batch of students. This in turn paves way to serve the future and long term recruitment needs of the company. Students participating in internships and summer training programs may have direct recruitment to different job positions offered by the company.
  • Campus recruitment helps in increased selection ratio. More number of quality candidates can be selected through this recruitment process.
  • The organizations can built up more company loyalty through campus selection process. Fresh and talented graduates will work more closely with their first company. Hence, this in a way will increase the brand loyalty among different applicants.

Disadvantages of Campus Recruitment

Campus recruitment is an expensive affair for majority of the companies as it adds up costs to the bottom line. Companies incur different expenses related to travel, boarding, training etc while conducting campus selection process. The experienced and skilled candidates having practical job exposures cannot be recruited through campus placements. Fresh candidates selected through campus placements require adequate training for work. This is an additional expense for the company.  Also, students can’t work with their dream company and will have to remain satisfied with the company that recruits them during campus selection.



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