Application of Geophysics


The word “geophysics” is self-explanatory as it gives an exact idea what it actually is. It is one of the most important disciplines of earth sciences in association with physics. It actually implies the study of the physical properties of the planet by keen observations.

Geophysics finds its application in almost any sort of study which is regarding the internal structural characteristics of the earth, in studying the tectonic movements of the earth, in tracing and discovering the petroleum reserves and mineral wealth that lies beneath the surface of the earth.

It also provides great help in finding out the water beds, the archaeological findings, the thickness of soils and the icebergs or glaciers. In a general sense, it can be said that geophysics is used in the study and analysis of planetary sciences. In further detailing a mention could be made of the various fields and sub disciplines that come under geophysics.

The fields like geodynamics, tectonophysics that is related to the study of the processes causing tectonic movements, the flow of the materials inside the earth, rock deformations etc. also the study of earthquakes is a part of this large discipline. The detailed study of earth’s magnetic field i.e. geomagnetism, study of mineral and oil reserves, employing mathematical tools to facilitate researches, study of environmental aspect of earth’s inside, the study of the characteristics of volcanoes and many more fields and research areas that by any means are related to the earth’s detailed study can be considered to be a part of geophysics.



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    Rahul yadav:

    What percentage should i get to get admission in du in geophysics bsc branch

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    asmi wilson:

    name of aucetexam center in out andhara

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    farah ashraf:

    how can we serve our country by getting the education in geophysics and remote sensing for the environmental aspect of engineering geology? plz reply in detail .thx