Difference between Geophysics and Astrophysics?


Geophysics deals with the physics of the Earth and the atmosphere in space. Subjects like the shape of the Earth, its magnetic and gravitational fields, the characteristics of the oceans, volcanism and rock formation and its corresponding troubles connected with the Moon and other planets etc are included in the study of geophysics. Astrophysics is a division of astronomy that is concerned with the physics of the universe. It includes the examination of the physical features of celestial objects such as stars, galaxies, planets and the interstellar medium. Their interactions are also a subject of study.

Geophysics Course and Opportunities

Candidates who are applying for the course in geophysics must have completed their Bachelors degree with mathematics and physics from a recognized university. After the completion of their course, the candidates can join the field as research scholars or as fellow research assistants. Many jobs opportunities are available for like research analysts’ and scientists.

Astrophysics Course and Opportunities

Candidates who would like to join the course in astrophysics should have finished their Bachelors degree (B.E or B.Sc) in physics or electronics. After the completion of the course in Astrophysics, candidate can find employment as research scientists with several private research institutes in addition to government organizations like the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO).

Key Differentiators

Both geophysics and Astrophysics are very important branches of science. But, while the former is related to the physical features of the earth, the latter is about the physical aspects of the universe and space. Geophysics is the study of the physical characteristics of Earth by assessable corporal standards. Methods like electromagnetic radiation and radioactivity are used to measure these values. A specialized study in the field of astronomy is known as Astrophysics. It is concerned with the physics of the universe. This study includes the physical properties such as the heat, chemical mixture and density along with the measurement of the brightness of stars, planets and galaxies.



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