Archaelogy, Career in Archaelogy


Archeology is the Science of study of human cultures. They acquire the information by conducting various surveys, recovery, analysis and documentation of environmental data. An aspirant who has a good caliber in Archeology has a great career ahead. They have a lot of job opportunities in the Public and Private sector. They can enjoy a variety of work profiles in various employment areas not only in India but also abroad as well.

Job Profiles in Archaeology

There are various job profiles being enjoyed by Archeologists in both Public Sector as well as Private sector. It includes the following.

  • Lab technician
  • Project director
  • Principal investigator
  • Artifact analyst
  • Lab director
  • Program manager
  • Conservation assistants
  • Photographer
  • Foreman
  • Research officer
  • Documentation officer
  • Freelancer
  • Interpreters
  • Tourist guides
  • Resource persons of trip organizers
  • Heritage managers
  • Archivists
  • Curators
  • Heritage conservators
  • Linguists
  • Surveyors
  • Historians
  • Linguists
  • Surveyors
  • Historians
  • Numismatists
  • Epigraphists
  • Scientist

Career Opportunities in Public sector

There are various career opportunities for an archeologist in the Public sector where they will be offered very good salary packages. There are various exams conducted by PSC, UPSC and also SSC to screen eligible candidates who have the capability to work in various positions in the Public sector. To get into some Public sector banks, they have to write exams conducted by various banks. Some of the common employment areas in the Public sector where an archeologist can utilize his abilities include the following.

  • Archaeological Survey of India
  • National Mission on Monuments & Antiquities
  • Museums
  • Public sector Banks
  • Educational Institutes
  • Research institutes
  • Environmental Development agencies
  • Marine Vessels
  • Cruise Ships
  • Harbor
  • Print Media
  • Forestry
  • Historical centers
  • Universities
  • Archeology units
  • Tourism Departments
  • Land management Departments
  • Cultural resource management Departments
  • Water resource Departments

Career opportunities in Private sector

There are various employment areas in the Private sector where an archeologist can utilize his abilities. The most common employment areas of an archeologist in the Private sector include the following.

  • Museums
  • Survey Firms
  • Archeology units
  • Tourism Departments
  • Harbor
  • Marine Vessels
  • Cruise ships
  • Private Sector Banks
  • Private Schools
  • Private Colleges
  • Print Media
  • Research Institutes
  • Universities
  • Scientific Institutes

Archaeology Opportunities Abroad

An archeologist has a great career abroad as well. There are several work profiles being enjoyed by archeologists abroad. They are offered very good remuneration also. They will get exposure to a wide variety of employment areas there. There are also good provisions for research abroad.

Salary Range

An Archeologist will get a salary of around Rs.10000/-  per month and with gaining some experience of a couple of years it will be in the range of Rs.15000/- to Rs.20000/- per month. In Government archeology departments, they will get remuneration equal to that of civil servants. In addition there are a lot of perks being enjoyed by archeologists in Government organizations.



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    Shweta Mam:

    There are 2 concerns which I have about Archaelogy;

    1) I am an MBA, with 6yrs of experience in Retail industry. So, would I be eligible for a job (full time or part time) in the archaelogy field? I have graduated in Commerce.

    2) If not, then am I eligible to full time or part time courses in Archaelogy and which are the preferred institutes?

    Shweta M

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    Can i study MA in Archaeology after studying B.Tech

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    Pritish Cahaudhuri:

    I need to have guidance to get through the NET in Archaeoplogy discipline.How to get well prepared?

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