Career in medicines through M.Tech degree


The Masters of Technology (M.Tech) is a program that has a period of 2 years. Those who have accomplished their graduate level degree (B.Tech) are eligible to join this course. Many areas are available for interested students to join in their master’s degree (M.Tech).

One must understand that it is possible to enter a career in medicine quite easily. Though the usual method to join the medical field is to through MBBS, one can join this field after they accomplish their postgraduate degree in Technology.  The M.Tech in Biotechnology course is one of the methods by which applicants can get a career in the medical field. By studying this course, applicants will get more knowledge about medicine and the many methods to develop it effectually. The practical classes done during their period of education will help candidates get valuable working knowledge on medicine and laboratory work.

The career in medicine by the M.Tech course can be pursued by means of opting for any of the biomedical engineering fields available. Though the majority of students opt for a technical field, those who pursue the medical related fields’ such as Biotechnology, genetic engineering, biomedical engineering, pharmaceuticals etc will get the opportunity to get a job within any of these industries.

A few related areas one can choose include:

  • Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals
  • Clinical engineering
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Pharmaceutical engineering
  • Tissue engineering

Career in Medicines

The career prospects available for postgraduates of medical engineering or technology are quite varied. Jobs can be got for them with firms as laboratory technologists or with firms that design as well as manufacture medical equipment. Career opportunities are at hand for them at hospitals as well. The R&D departments of the Indian government as well as institutions of education also take in postgraduates of medical technology.

A career in the field of medical technology can be considered to be quite rewarding. Even though medical technologists do not have any interactions with their patients directly, physicians rely on these specialists to get information about the medical condition of their patients.

With the vast development in the medical field, the career opportunities have gone up. Besides this, there is a good scope for those individuals who desire to take up this as a professional career. Once they conclude their studies, candidates can get jobs with any top firms within the public or private sectors. They can also get employment with corporate firms abroad.  Those aspirants who seek for a career that does not need a graduate level degree and can get a job as a Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT).



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    sourabh bhardwaj:

    i wanted a career in oceanography what is it all about

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    i m intersted in doing in aerospace or aeronautical branch. today i complete my engineering degree with electronics and communications with 69%. can i do it?

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    can i do M.D. in pharmacy after bsc. in bio- tech?