Career after B.Sc Mathematics


The significance of mathematics in our day to day life cannot be neglected. It has gained a wide acceptance and popularity and is used in almost all fields like physics, engineering, business etc. It can be used in its original form like pure mathematics or can be used in the application level. One who has sound base and interest in mathematics can perform well in the technical field. Career opportunities after a course in mathematics are plenty. They include career in statistics, mathematical modeling, cryptography etc.

Career in Private sector after B.Sc Mathematics

Almost all area in the private sector requires students who have done a course in mathematics can enter into these sectors with a strong base in the subject and also according to area of personal interest. Mathematics is required in the business field for solving problems and to create or express theories and techniques. Experts in mathematics encrypt and decrypt codes for military intelligence, gather needed information in financial sector etc.

Teaching profession is widely chosen by many graduates in mathematics. Technical institutions always make use of the knowledge of these graduates to give proper training for their students in their academics .Many companies recruit mathematicians for processing their data, to take care of the financial services of the company and to undertake research. Pure mathematics offer opportunities in

  • Software
  • Insurance
  • Market research
  • Education
  • Securities
  • Banking sector etc.

Applied mathematics provide career opportunities as

  • economists
  • engineers
  • computer scientists
  • physicists
  • technicians

Government Career after B.Sc Mathematics

There are various departments in the government sector where career opportunities are in plenty for math’s graduates. Various tests are conducted in the departments to select the right candidate with strong base and skill to solve mathematical problems. PSC and UPSC exams test the mathematical ability of the candidate. The exams conducted  in the public sector include which give importance to mathematics are

  • Tax Assistant exam
  • Statistical Investigator exam
  • Grade III & Compiler Exam
  • Combined Higher Secondary exam
  • Combined Graduate Level Exam etc.

Many universities provide plenty of opportunities for the math’s graduates in teaching profession. For that one should have additional qualification along with their degree as per the concerned university norms.

Career Abroad after B.Sc Mathematics

Candidates who wish to go abroad also have a lot of career opportunities as a fresher and also as an experienced person. They can choose the career as mathematician or researcher etc according to the need of the industry in which they work.

Long term Career roadmap for B.Sc Mathematics

Those aspirants with long term career objective can go for a master’s degree in mathematics, computer science, business etc which brings in additional qualification and knowledge which can be used to boost their career and also to gain success in the respective field.



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    If some one takes option of doing the degree in maths instead of of engineering,it is profitable or harm for his\her career,if he has two options of doing engg. And degree in maths.

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    Mohammed zuber Pendari:

    What are research option in Maths?

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    Only through AIMCET can I get addmission in NIT for MCA.