Is software engineering out of modern trend?


Gone are the days when the students were having only career choices such as engineering, medical etc after completing their school education. But now days the situation has changed a lot. The students are increasing involved or opting for various other career avenues. This topic becomes prominent only at this point of time. The simple answer to the question whether software engineering is out of trend now is true. The basic reason for this is that there are other immense opportunities within the education sector for the students to choose in apart from the software engineering industry.

Software engineering as a Course

The software engineering as a course gained importance as a result of the advancements in the field of Information Technology. Still, the use of IT is very much prominent in almost all the sectors. When we observe in general, software engineering as a course does not deliver the prospects which it has promised to.

There are many multinational companies in India who are involved in various software development activities. This trend of software engineering had slowed down primarily because of the recession happening. As a result of which, many candidates did not get in the opportunities that they dreamt off. There were instances where they also got laid off from jobs.

The application areas of software engineering are limited as compared to other areas. The basic reason for this software engineering course has been decreasing primarily because of these factors. More candidates are getting employed in companies abroad when compared to Indian companies though India is a major software hub.

The candidates have many options in terms of career now days in various government organizations and as well as other firms. The career opportunities are increasing day by day in all the other domains apart from software field. As a result of which the candidates are inclined towards opting different career avenues which give them better positions. Also the candidates will opt for positions which will enhance their skills etc.

In this changing scenario, every person needs to be updated about the current trends. Software engineering was a trend but not now. The career prospects in terms of salary package, innovation etc will be good in engineering field. But as of now, the students consider only the factors where in they can increase their skills and expand their career roles. Hence they will be focusing more on those aspects.



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    after completing my in information technology can i pursue mtech in aerospace engg??
    as iam very much interested in this field can you please tell me the process regarding this