Athletic Trainer - How to become an Athletic Trainer?


A certified medical health specialist who provides training to athletes is called as an athletic trainer. In case an athlete is hurt or is in need of rehabilitation, the athletic trainer works alongside a doctor and a physical therapist in his/her treatment. After finishing their course, athletic trainers can get jobs with colleges or with medical clinics. In addition to this, it is also possible for them to get employed with professional sports teams as an athletics trainer. The initial salary of candidates of this field will be approximately Rs. 25000 – Rs. 35000 a month. Professionals in this field can command their own salary.

Qualifying Exam

To become an athletic trainer, the candidates are required to write the Athletic trainer’s certification exam. This certification enables the candidates to apply for posts as an athletic trainer.

Who is eligible to apply?

There are a lot of institutions in our country that provide degree as well as diploma courses in athletic training. The basic qualification required to join this course is a graduate degree from any stream. Obtaining a postgraduate degree will enable the candidates to get jobs as professional athletic trainers. A Master’s program course will have topics like anatomy, biomechanics and physiology in addition to nutrition in its curriculum.

How to prepare for exam and interview?

The most important quality a student needs to have is a passion towards sports. After obtaining the necessary qualifications, the students can prepare for the exam by practicing on mock question papers. Another good option for them is to establish a contact with students who have appeared for this exam previously. An interview will be carried in order to test the competency and skill of the candidates. This interview will ascertain their place in the institution of their choice. Because of this reason, the candidates must make certain that they answer frankly and straightforwardly when questioned.



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