Voice Trainer - How to become a Voice Trainer?


Media industry is growing at a faster pace and is gaining much importance and popularity. A job in the media sector is really attractive and it also brings in a celebrity image among others in the society. One among the best job available in this sector is the job as a voice trainer. The role of job trainer is inevitable and can also be considered as one of the most demanding job in the future. Sound element is an integral part in and is the common thread linking Radio, television and even internet. And this helps in the growth in job opportunities for voice trainers.

Qualifying Exam

The candidates can join various training institutes which give training to become professionals in voice training field. The candidates after successfully completing the courses can seek the career as voice trainers. Some institutes conduct examinations to check whether the candidates possess skills and ability in voice training and whether he /she are apt for the job. The candidates who are well versed in the techniques of sound training can get the job as voice trainer.

Who is eligible to apply?

Those who are keen in building a career in voice training can join for various courses. Many institutes all over India conduct degree/ diploma and certificate courses in voice training. The candidates who are successful in completing the course are treated eligible to apply for the course. They should be well versed in dialect or accent training, Vocal pedagogy for singing, Debate, Public speaking etc to be successful in their profession. Those candidates with experience in voice training field are also treated eligible to apply for voice trainers and their experience will be treated as additional qualification and their pay will also be high compared to fresher’s in voice training field.

Key points in the process

  • The candidates should posses a degree or diploma
  • Experience is preferred.
  • Should posses knowledge and practical experience in voice training

Skills required for a voice trainer

In order to become a successful voice trainer the candidate should posses the following skills. They should possess sound knowledge in voice training and should also possess linguistic skills. They should maintain good relation with others and also needs conversational skills. They should also have deep knowledge in breathing techniques and needs a pleasing personality.



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