B.A in Journalism, Journalism B.A


B.A in Journalism (Honors) is the study of ways and methods to collect as well as distribute the news in and through media. It involves both kinds of media, print as well as electronic media. B.A in Journalism (honors) basically involves teachings regarding reporting, writing, editing, photographing etc. The course includes every such thing which is required to be known by a ’would be’ journalist. Thus, B.A in Journalism teaches almost every aspect of the media, and thereby trains an individual with all the requirements. The main purpose of this course is to teach individuals how to inform, enlighten, and educate people.

One needs to be 10 + 2 passed from any of the educational board, and should have English as the main subject to get admission in to the course of B.A (honors) in Journalism.

Course Outlook:

The course of B.A in journalism (Honors) is highly essential as it helps in the development of the nation. The course is of three years, and is divided in 3 parts of one year each. Every year, students need to pass in an examination in order to get promoted to the next part.

Job Prospects:

The job opportunities for the B.A in Journalism (Honors) degree holders are huge and are offered lucrative pay. They can find jobs in Newspapers, Magazines, central Information services, websites, AIR, and even in television news channels. They not only pay them a great salary, but also give them lot of other privileges.

Best Places to Pursue:

Indian Institute of Journalism

Amity institute of Communications

Annamallai University

Benaras Hindu University

Banglore University



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    I have completed diploma in mechanical engineering.is this minimum qualification enough for journalism entrance stream? Then what is my next step to join in journalism course? Is there any entrance exam or direct admission into my step of journalism course? Which are the most reputed colleges for it? And extra information. Any website to know more about journalism?

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    srishti arora:

    what are the last dates of entrance form ?

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    can i do master degree in journalism after BA programing in Delhi university?

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    pooja singh:

    what is the course and after the course what should i do?

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    what are imoptant topics and questions for clearing the entrance exam,apart from newspaper and news what shall i refer for my preparations?

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    Is there any entrance exams for the admission of BA journalism