Bachelor of Physiotherapy Project Names and Ideas


Physiotherapy is the medical science which uses the physical agents for diagnosing the patients who are exposed to any injury or diseases. Bachelor of physiotherapy is the undergraduate programme offered by many universities in the country. It is a 4 and half year degree which include an internship programme of six months duration. The course provides the students to improve their main skills which include manual therapy and therapeutic practice.

Aspirants will get an in depth knowledge in the core subjects of the related field during their academic sessions of graduation. The various subjects covered include manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, application of electro physical modalities, etc. Those who have successfully completed this graduation can find jobs in various healthcare centers. The final year of this bachelor’s degree programme also comprises of a project work. List of project name and ideas that can be chosen for the project are mentioned below.

Final year Project Names and Ideas

Accuracy of physiotherapists at approximating treatment time – The professionals in this field, called as physiotherapist, is usually required to record the time of treatment in both and clinical and daily practice. This project deals with investigating the accuracy in treatment time records by using various specific methods.

Faulty Posture and modification – Posture includes a chain-link process of the human body mechanism. The problems occurred anywhere in the body chain can cause problems above or below that point. This project involves the study of finding the defective postures and its cause. It also includes the way to cure these defects.

Nerve lesion of extremity and their management – This specific project includes the study of problems and diagnosis that are related with the nerve injuries. There may be many reasons for the nerve damage and each kind needs specific treatment also. Those taking up this project are expected to study about various nerve damages, their causes and the clinical solution for them.

Therapeutic effects of Shortwave Diathermy – There arises many questions regularly about the physiological and therapeutic effects of the process in physiotherapy. The project deals with the research of the effects of massage in human blood flow and composition, muscles, nerves, tissues, etc.

Some other Project topics for Bachelor of Physiotherapy

  • Pain and motor descriptions of the neck
  • The impression of breathlessness in people who are obese
  • The occurrence of pain in pregnant women with a risk of depression and anxiety
  • Time models of energy expenditure and their associations with health-related characteristics

Candidates taking up these projects can implement them in any of the health centers or research institutes. Many healthcare centers provide opportunities for the students to carry out their projects. They can choose the project ideas according to their career interest and industry requirements.



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