B.Sc. in Computer Science Project Names and Ideas


A wide variety of projects are available for students doing B.Sc. in computer science. They can take topics related to Graphics & Image Processing, Hardware, Computer Programming Languages and Robotics & Artificial Intelligence (AI). They can also select topics related to designing and manufacturing of computer software.

Project Names and ideas

Hospital management system: This project aims at creating a page which consists of the patient’s name, case history and the details of the doctor treatments. When a doctor opens the page, he/she can get all the details of the patient. Visual Basic/MS Access is the language used for this project.

Wireless Radio Frequency Based Intelligent Traffic System For Emergency Vehicle And Optimal Routing For Conventional Vehicles: The main objective of the project is to detect motion with the help of unwired mouse navigation system. Using this technology, it will be possible to find the exact location of a vehicle along with the details of the location. The obtained information can be transferred via Zigbee networks.

Finger Print Scanning: Banking Application: This technology is used in taking the finger print of a person and then saving it for further use in future. It is mainly used by police departments, courts of law, banking organizations, etc. using this technology we can get all the details of a person, once the finger print is recognized. Languages used for this project are Vbnet, Vb Sql Server and MS Access.

Customer Software and Support Management: This project provides a software which gives any particular information regarding the users, the clients and software in a particular firm. Languages used for this project are Java Script, VB.NET and HTML. Live Video and Image Stream Transfer Using Real-Time Transmission Protocol: Using this software, files can be viewed at the time of download itself. Hence user doesn’t have to download the complete file in order to watch a video. This technique is generally used in entertainment, video production etc.

Some other topics for doing project

  • Image Steganography
  • Radio Frequency Identification based Material Tracking Information System
  • E-Visa Processing System
  • Mobile Bluetooth Hacking
  • Home Automation Using Mobile
  • Video Transmission Over Network (Java)
  • Electronic Banking/ Commerce
  • Motion Detection for Security System (Java)
  • News Portal System Interactive etc.

Choose the Industry for doing Project in Computer science

A computer student can do project in any industries ranging from banking to forensics. The candidates are free to select any industry based on their preference and the provisions of the industry.



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