M.Sc Physics Project Names and Ideas


M.Sc Physics is a two year post graduation course for the graduates who want to widen their knowledge in Physics. This two year course also enables the candidates to do PhD in related field or to find reputed jobs in industrial and research environment. M.Sc Physics students need to submit a project at the end of their course. They can select any area according to their interest and skill. Different project names and ideas are given below.

Final year Project names and ideas

An Implantable Movement Sensor

Here a silicon rubber tube filled with isotonic saline is implanted in the body. That fluid in the rubber tube will not gain or lose volume as it is in osmotic equilibrium. Impedance through the saline can be developed by placing electrodes at the ends of the tube. When the tube get stretched or bent, the impedance developed through the saline will vary according to the movement. Thus this tube can be used as a movement sensor by measuring the variation in the impedance. Movement sensors can be used to detect the changes occurred in the shape of the bladder.

Design and implementation of Doppler spectroscopy system

Doppler spectroscopy system measures the proportion of particles in the beam with different energy. This information can be used to understand the aspects of fusion plasma behavior. Large range of physical phenomena is used to develop this system.

Investigation of a low pressure discharge

Here fundamentals of plasma physics is diagnosed with a DC glow discharge tube. Plasma is generated in this tube by applying a potential difference across the gas inside held at low pressure. Then the plasma potential, electron density and electron temperature are measured to study about the low pressure discharge.

Determination of Levels of Radioactivity in the Environment

Radioactive isotopes present in the earth’s crust are collectively called Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM). In this project a high resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy is used to measure the levels of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials in some environmental samples. The values thus obtained can be used to reduce the risk associated with the exposure to such materials.

Other Project Ideas

M.Sc final year students can do projects related to various theories in Physics. Different project ideas for M.Sc final year students are given below.

  • Simulating the Zeno effect in quantum tunneling
  • Exotic Decays from High-Spin Nuclear Isomers
  • Nuclear Physics with High-power Lasers
  • Experimental Analysis of a Bouncing Super ball
  • Measuring the Size of Nanostructures Using Light Scattering

Choose the Industry

Post graduation students in Physics can do their projects in research laboratories. They can choose the research institute which provides the required facilities for their project.

They can also choose any private or government firm to do their projects provided those firms can positively influence their career.



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