BBA vs BBE - Which course is better?


Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Business Economics are both undergraduate courses and both these courses offer good future prospects and opportunities.

Future Prospects of BBA

Bachelor of Business Administration is a course that provides knowledge in different areas of management like Business management, Finance, Human Resource Management and Marketing, with courses like emerging technologies, information system strategies, innovations in engineering, project development and management and global product management. After successful completion of the BBA course, aspirants have the choice of pursuing higher studies in relevant fields or look for a job in the management field.

Prospective job seekers have an array of options to choose from, as BBA graduates are equipped with organizational and entrepreneurship skills with a capacity to handle managerial and administrative responsibilities. Careers are available in fields of business like marketing, management, accounting, technology, finance etc. in various sectors. BBA graduates can work in areas like Accounting, Real Estate, Legal Management, Operations management, Supply chain management, Tourism management etc.

BBA degree holders can expect a starting salary in the range of Rs. 1.2- 1.8 lac per annum.

Future Prospects of BBE

Bachelor of Business Economics is a specialized field with good future prospects in terms of higher studies as well as career opportunities. Graduates can look for higher study options like Master of Business Economics  or can pursue courses in the area of Banking, Insurance and Management. Graduates can also pursue courses in the fields like insurance and actuarial science, environmental economics, risk management, international marketing finance, business administration and management and global business operations.

Career prospects for BBE graduates are aplenty with opportunities available in Private Finance and Investment firms, Research Departments and Labour and Employment departments in the Government sector. BBE graduates can work in fields like economic and financial research, economic journalism etc. Career opportunities are also available in sales, marketing, banking and finance. The graduates can also attempt Civil Services, Economics and Statistical Servces.

BBE graduates can expect an initial salary of around Rs 10,000-12,000 per month. Specialization in related field and experience will help employees to earn higher salary packages.

Which Course is better?

While both the courses are related to the world of business, Bachelor of Business Administration stresses on management and administration while Bachelor of Business Economics is more focused around economics and financial management. Both these courses offer excellent future prospects and higher study options. The better of the two is an individual choice based on preferences and interests. Those seeking to take up entrepreneurial ventures in any field can choose BBA over BBE.

Since Economics forms the core of BBE, only aspirants with a clear interest and preference in this field need take up this course. BBE has more marked boundaries with linear choices while BBA is much more open and dynamic. This increases the scope of BBA significantly. Thus the choice between BBA and BBE should be made on one’s passion in the area of study, since remuneration and career options after both these courses are almost the same.



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