Difference between Biometrics and Bioinformatics


Even though Biometrics and Bioinformatics sound similar, both are entirely different streams of study. Biometrics is a subdivision of environmental science that deals with the study of biological phenomenon, observation and elucidation by means of statistical investigation. It is the technology of computing and scrutinizing biological facts. However, Bioinformatics is concerned with the integration of information technology and computer science to with molecular biology.

Biometrics courses and career opportunities

Biometrics is an extensive branch of science that has so many branches. Aspirants can do either the graduate or the postgraduate programs in the respective fields. Various Universities and institutes offer the diverse courses in Biometrics. Those who wish to become research analysts have to do the PhD or M.Phil programs in Biometrics. A graduation in the relevant fields is a requisite for the entry-level jobs. Aspirants who complete the various courses in Biometrics can apply for jobs in government agencies, the armed forces, banking sector, health care organizations, and in multinational companies. Postgraduates in the relevant subjects can apply for jobs in the top most designation of companies.

Bioinformatics courses and career opportunities

There are so many courses in Bioinformatics that an aspirant can pursue. In addition to the Bachelors’ and Masters’ programs in the relevant fields, there are also research programs in Bioinformatics. Aspirants should have done the course from an acknowledged University so as get employments in reputed companies. After completion of the course, they can seek out for occupation in public as well as private sector undertakings. Those who have completed post graduation in Bioinformatics with good percentage and potential can expect better jobs with excellent scale of pays.

Key differentiators between Biometrics and Bioinformatics

  • Biometrics is concerned with collecting and scrutinizing biological data whereas Bioinformatics primarily deals with the study of the minute particles that make up the biological processes and things.
  • The former is related to the study of biological sciences whereas the latter deals with the study of molecular biology and information technology.

Both bioinformatics and Biometrics has a great importance in our society today. Because of the advance of technology and other research facilities, these sciences has advanced to a level that it can be used to make all humanely impossible functions possible.



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