Difference between Bioinformatics and Computational Biology


The application of computer science as well as statistics to the arena of molecular biology is called as Bioinformatics. Bioinformatics is the creation of computational & statistical techniques. It uses theories to find answers to formal and practical issues that arise from the examination and management of biological data. Computational biology on the other hand is the uses various computational simulation modes and mathematical models. These are used to learn about organic, behavioral and social systems. The field of Computational Biology includes fundamentals in computer science, genetics, anatomy, biochemistry and statistics amongst others.

Bioinformatics Course and Career Opportunities

There are numerous courses available in the field of bioinformatics. The basic qualification that is needed for a student to pursue this course is a pass in class 12. If the candidate wishes to go for postgraduate courses, they will be required to write an entrance exam. After the completion of their studies, the students of this field can go for PhD or find good jobs. Most of the students from this field can get employed with Biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Those interested in teaching can get jobs as lecturers or professors with colleges that teach bioinformatics as a subject. Some of the companies that take in students of bioinformatics are Wipro, Silicon Genetics and IBM Life Sciences etc.

Computational Biology Course and Career Opportunities

The qualification that is needed for students to join the graduate course is a pass in standard 12 with a minimum of 55 percent. The students must have a strong background in science. After they finish their studies, the students can  go for higher studies or get jobs with pioneer companies in India as well as abroad. If the students seek to join the postgraduate courses in the allied field, they must appear for an entrance test. The students can get jobs with institutes of research as research scientists, consultants or as Business Development Executives.

Key Differentiators between Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Both Bioinformatics as well as computational Biology has their uses in our industries today. While Computational biology is the examination of biology with the use of computational techniques, Bioinformatics is the development of technical tools to solve problems that arise during the assessment of biological data. Whilst Computational biology deals with science, Bioinformatics is concerned with engineering.



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    I am a post graduate in Computational Biology. I need to know, whether I can apply to the similar posts of bioinformatics jobs.
    Is the M.Sc. Computational Biology is equivalent to the M.Sc.Bioinformatics?.
    And list out some jobs that a M.Sc.computational biology can apply.Whatever fields can a post graduate in Computational Biology can work with?