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A new subject of study that makes use of computer science as well as information technology in biological and medical fields is known as bioinformatics. The fundamental subjects of bioinformatics are information systems, software engineering, web technology, signal processing, artificial intelligence, statistics, circuit theory, data mining and algorithms. Therefore a bioinformatics professional should study all the principles related with Science as well as engineering as a part of the curriculum.

Job Profiles in Bioinformatics

Several job profiles are being enjoyed by the by the aspirants in the bioinformatics industry. Bioinformatics has been listed by the National Association of Software and Service companies as one of the fast growing industries in India as well as abroad.  There are a lot of job profiles being enjoyed by aspirants in the dairy industry. Some of the common job profiles in the field of bioinformatics are as follows.

  • Bioinformatics Research Scientist
  • Bioinformatics Research Analyst
  • Bioinformatics Java Developer
  • Bioinformatics Computing Consultant
  • Bioinformatics Specialist
  • System Analyst
  • Technical Support
  • Database Designer / Administrator
  • Applications Analyst
  • Programmer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Marketing Department

The salary packages are different for different job profiles.

Career Opportunities in Public sector

Bioinformatics aspirants have several job opportunities in public sector. The candidates have to appear for various exams that are being conducted by the PSC, UPSC and SSC in order to get placed in any of the government firms. Some of the top government firms that recruit these professionals are as follows.

  • Institute of Mathematical Sciences
  • Indian Institute of Spices Research

Career opportunities in Private sector

Private sector offers enormous job opportunities in the field of bioinformatics. Some of the leading private sector companies in the field of bioinformatics are listed below.

  • GVK Biosciences
  • Ranbaxy
  • AstraZeneca Research Centre
  • Torrent Pharmaceuticals
  • Dr Reddy’s Laboratories
  • Biscon
  • Strand Life Sciences
  • Celera Genomics
  • Avestha Gengraine Technologies Private Limited
  • CuraGen

Bioinformatics Opportunities Abroad

Those who hold a degree in the field of bioinformatics have excellent job opportunities in sectors such as Life Sciences, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutics. They can also find great career opportunities in Europe.

Salary Range

Public sector firms offer a salary that ranges from Rs 15,000/- to Rs 50,000/- per  month. But private sector firms propose much better salary along with the scope for research.  Their salary packages start from Rs 25,000/- per month. People those who have previous experience in this field often get a chance to obtain a higher salary.



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    I am doing my biotechnology from jain university. I want to know about the career of people who did bioinformatics because i am confuse for my further study of bioinformatics and biotechnology.
    Plz email me who did bioinformatics .
    I want to know about entrance exam and scholarship for bioinformatics.

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    I am doing Msc in bioinformatics,i want to give the net exam after this.which subject i should prepare for net?

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    i have completed M.Sc Bioinformatics in 2011 with 78.2% and am searching for a job in bangalore but am not getting where i have opportunity to get job.

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    msc bioinformatics entrance coaching institutes

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    i am doing bsc bioinformatics final year.. i want to study msc bioinformatics & also i want entrance exam dates

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    simran virk:

    i m in my last of bsc bioinformatics(H).do i get d job after my graduation. where i cn get d job. i wil do msc bioinformatics but before that i wana to tke job experience. is there any job available in punjab side.

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    i am in class 12 having pcb as subjects & want to join bioinformatics as my career . what should i do ? how to apply & which field is better ? plz guide me as early as possible

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    i have done my msc bioinformatics,later i got a gap of 5 years,i wish to do a job now,for that wht should i do to get expertise in this field

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    swapnali inamke:

    respected sir,
    i have completed my 12th. i want 2 do career in bio informatics in pune so sir plz guide me what i do next. plz plz help me…


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    Respected Sir,
    I’ve done my post graduation in Bioinformatics in 2008.I don’t know what to do next….Please help me….

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    I will be completing my MSc.Bioinformatics by JUne-2011 from AMRITA University, KERALA. I am in search of job.Please let me know the vacancies for any job in Bioinformatics area.

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    manoj kumar:

    sir, i have done post graduation in bioinformatics this year ,so tell us what can i do after this

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    i done postgraduation in bioinformatics, i dont know what to do next

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    Sir, i ve recently completed diploma in IT/CSE With first class i ve do career in bioinfo. Just sugest me any entrance exam or any idea

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    i have completed my bsc in biology now doing msc in computer science. Can i get any job in the field of bioinformatics. if yes? what it will be and where?

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    is bioinformatics a good option for me after completing my Bsc.biotech in agriculture

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    hii sir

    i did btech bioinformatics.i want to know what are the job opportunities

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    i have done my msc bioinformatics,later i got a gap of 5 years,i wish to doa job now,for that wht should i do to get expertise in this field

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    hi sir,
    sir i had completed my inter bipc and want 2 do bioinformatics pls help me 2 join in good clg

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    what can i do after bsc.bioinformatics.please also give some information about entrance exams.

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    Hi Sir,
    I have completed my M.Sc & M.Phil in Bioinformatics and planing for Ph.D in same stream, i want to know the job opportunities…

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    h! Sir..
    i got admission in M.SC bioinformatics in a university…i want to know about opportunities in that field…please help me…

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    i want to know about jobs after completing M.Sc Bioinformatics

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    pammi sharma: done in any other field too…

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    i want to know about job after doing

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    hi sir,
    iam a bsc-it graduate, am i eleigible for msc in bioinformatics….should i choose dis or mba??? sir pls help me…iam not much intrested in programming nor in mba… please tell me…..will be difficult for me… to do bioinformatics… i have basics of biology ..which i studied in 12th pls help me ..waiting for ur reply

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    Jasmine Mohamedali:

    I passed +2 with good marks ( A=)
    i want to study bioinformatics.
    i am from kerala and where i can join in kerala for the above subject.

    PLs. guide me.


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    Jasmine Mohamedali:

    I completed +2 and passed with good marks in all subject.(A+) I want to join and study bioinformatics.
    Can u guide me.


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    i am looking for careers , jobs in bioinformatics
    for MS bioinformatics.

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    Pallavi Gangwar:

    I have completed my in Bioinformatics in 2009.
    I want to know were should I apply to get job. I am also interested in research.

    Pallavi Gangwar

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    I have completed PG in Bioinformatics and M.Sc. in biotechnology .I am interested in bioinformatics.Please send me information about jobs in bioinformatics.

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    I have done PG IN BIOINFORMATICS from DOEACC Society Guwahati. Further wanted to do MSC in Bio-informatics. Suggest me the institute in Delhi and is it possible to do that in 1 year as i have already done the PG.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Renu, New Delhi

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    what would be the career aspect after
    doing msc. bioinformatics.
    kindly guide me.

    with regard

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    I have done M.Sc. in Bioinformatics in 2009.
    I am interested in doing PhD in the same field or to have some job in Pharmaceutical companies.
    Kindly guide me..


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    what to do after doing btech bioinformatics?…
    I am a 3rd yr bioinformatics student. I want to continue my studies in bioinformatics. What is the best option. Please send me the complete information about the colleges with entrance dates

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    Respected sir,
    i am doing final year bsc.,biotechnoly.i have confusion to select the master degree which is gaining jobs.whether to select msc.,in bioinformatics or in bitechnology, please guide me.(i am eagerly waiting for the reply)

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    after in bioinformatics,is there any important relted courses?:

    reply me

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    rosalin prusty:

    respected sir,
    i am continuing bsc bioinformaics 3rd year.could u please tell me about the jobs after bsc? sir i also want to do msc in bioinformatics so please send me the complte prospectus and the date of application forms with the entrance exam dates on my email id.or u can contact me on this following no.

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    Rupanjali Sharma:

    hiii i m rupanjali sharma i m M.Sc. in biotechnology i want to enter in bioinfo field could anyone plyzz tell me hw to enter in it n which skills r required to enter in this field.plyzz help me out.

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    Iam a, Bioinformatics graduate.Can u pls assist me for gettng a job in this feild.