What to do after B.Sc Clinical Nutrition?


Clinical nutrition can be described as the study of the connection between food as well as a healthy body. People who study or conduct research in this field are called as nutritionists. Apart from studying how food has a role in the functioning of a body, nutritionists are also concerned with how the natural environment affects the safety and quality of foods and what influence these aspects have on human health and disease.

There are a lot of options that a student can choose after completing graduation. Students can go for advanced studies or get jobs with firms of the private or public sectors. One other thing is that, students can go and study or work abroad if they choose. The career opportunities for graduates of clinical nutrition are never less. Due to the importance given to dieting and beauty by today’s society, there will be no dearth of job for them.

Higher Studies Options after B.Sc Clinical Nutrition

There are many higher studies options available for aspirants once they complete their graduation. They can go for post graduation and subsequent to this go for research. Some of the advanced courses in clinical nutrition include:

  • M.Phil. Food and Nutrition
  • M.Sc. Applied Nutrition
  • M.Sc. Food and Nutrition
  • M.Sc. Food, Nutrition and Dietetics
  • M.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Ph.D. Food and Nutrition
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics

Job Opportunities for B.Sc Clinical Nutrition Graduates

There are many areas where students of Clinical Nutrition can get good jobs. They include:

  • Education and Public Relations
  • Food Industry
  • Food Service Field
  • Health Care Field
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and Catering firms
  • Institutional Catering
  • Research & Development And Social Welfare Organizations

Students can find excellent prospects in the mass media. Here, chief importance will be given to publicizing of vital information on healthy living to the public. It is also possible for them to start their private practice or work as consultants.

Short Term Courses for B.Sc Clinical Nutrition Graduates

Quite a lot of short term courses that can be selected by students after they finish their graduation in clinical science are available nowadays. They include:

  • Certificate Course in Child Care Nutrition
  • Certificate Course in Clinical Nutrition
  • Certificate Course in Food and Nutrition
  • Certificate Course in Nutrition and Child Care
  • Certificate Course in Sports & Fitness Nutrition
  • Diploma in Food and Nutrition
  • Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education

One other short term course that is available in clinical nutrition is Certificate Course in Nutrition & Dietetics. These courses will generally have a time period of 6 months or more.



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    sanjoy pal:

    for applying clinical nutrition how much. rupees will be invest at this purposes?

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    what can we do after BSC food and nutrition OTHER THAN MSC

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    i am studyed nutrition and dietitics final year in vellalar college for women my qusten i finish my degree what i do

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    What to do after bsc clinical nutrition and dietetics other than msc??

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    i completed my graduation from lady irwin college in bschome science and after completed i done post graduation diploma in dietetics& public health and nutritionist.
    i dont understand what to do after diploma in dietetics pls suggest me to take right path so that i fulfill my dream in my carrier & take my carrier at new heigh for my later on future. guide me as mentor or guru

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    Sir, I would like to know colleges in Mumbai having Bsc in clinical nutrition. And any separate entrance exam required to give after 12th?

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    i want to know what should be the better course after bsc nutrition and dietics which would fetch me good job in india and abroad and whether there will be some exam to do job in abroad or we need some other requirement to do job in abroad PLEASE MAIL ME URGENTLY