B.Tech in Electrical Engineering Project names and Ideas


B.Tech in Electrical Engineering is one of the highly demanded specializations in the field of engineering and the graduates after this course play a very important role in a developing country like India. There is a huge demand for Electrical Engineers today with the launching of new undertakings in the electrical field. Details of various final year projects for B.Tech in Electrical Engineering are as follows.

Final year Project Names and Ideas

Intelligent Fire Alarm with Bluetooth Communication

This project deals with the working of a Fire Alarm System using Bluetooth communication. The arrangement consists of a Fire Alarm Unit which functions as a sensor and a Personal Computer which regulates the status of the Unit.

Fractional Frequency Transmission System

This project deals with the working of a Fractional Frequency Transmission System. It is a long distance transmission approach and it works in a low frequency range that helps in reducing the electrical length of the AC power line.

Anti collision System for Trains

This project deals with the designing of a system that could avoid collision between two trains. The newly developed system could sense if there is any obstacle on the path or else if any other train is on the same track.

Conveyor Belt System

This project deals with the use of conveyor belt to move materials in upward and downward direction. Two electrically coupled DC motors and proximity sensors are used in this arrangement.

Ultrasonic Proximity Detector

This project deals with the working of Ultrasonic Proximity Detector. The arrangement comprises of independent battery powered transmitter and receiver and also a pair of transducers.

Some other Topics for doing Projects

  • Reactive Power Compensation Using Capacitor Banks
  • Digital Voltmeter using 8051
  • Smart IR Temperature Sensor
  • Microprocessor Based Stepper Motor Control Project
  • Load flow analysis using Newton Raphson to improve stability
  • Fraud Detection in High Voltage Electricity Consumers Using Data Mining
  • Power Monitoring System
  • Super Capacitor Based Energy Storage Substation for Voltage Compensation in WEA Transportation Networks
  • Electrical Project on Community Energy Storage (CES)
  • Automatic power meter reading system using GSM network
  • Moisture Sensor based fringing electric field
  • Solar Farm
  • Electro Magnetic Techniques
  • GPS-Based Aircraft Collision Avoidance
  • Electrical Project Report on Dynamic Speed Governor
  • Microprocessor Based Impedance Relay
  • Magneto-Optical Current Transformer

Choose the Industry

There are various educational institutions, research organizations, IT firms, KPOs and also a lot of private institutes offering provision for doing B.Tech in Electrical Engineering final year Projects. The aspirants need to choose them depending on the project areas and also considering the future benefits. Certain Government organizations also provide options for doing final year projects.



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    i saw fract. freq. transmision systm, im intrestd in it ,where can i get details on it

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    i am B.tech final year student of electrical engg. plz suggest me some SENSOR based projects.

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