B.Tech in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Project Names and Ideas


B.Tech in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering is a professional course of 4 years duration which focuses on the study of measurement and control of various machines. The aspirants who hold this degree has an amazing future ahead. Following are the details regarding the final year project name and ideas for B.Tech in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering.

Final year Project Names and Ideas

E-Automation for Trains - This project deals with the implementation of E-Automation for trains. The mechanism to sense the arrival of train is implemented and also the ports of Microcontroller are utilized to control the gates.

Speed Checker for Highways - This project aims at the design of Speed Checker for Highways. There will be mechanism to know the speed of vehicles passing through a specific area.

Data Security System - The objective of the project is to implement a Data Security System. With the development of this system there will be provision for enabling security of a wide variety of data.

CCTV Security System - The project aims at the development of a CCTV Security System. The arrangement includes sensors, stepper motors, TV, camera, micro controller and Buzzer alarm.

Other topics for doing projects

  • Automatic Railway Crossing Gate Controller
  • Auto Jack Machine
  • Auto Brake System for Automobile
  • Paddle Controlled Washing Machine
  • Hydro Electricity
  • Hydraulic Lift
  • Line Follower or Tracing Robot
  • Automated Walking Robot
  • Digital Speed Measurement System for Automobile
  • Path Finder Mobile Robot
  • Wind Electricity
  • Electricity from Speed Brake
  • Solar Sun Seeker
  • Robotic Crane with Up/Down & Circular Motion
  • Digital Combination Lock
  • Safety Guard for the Blind (Proximity Base)
  • Ultrasonic Switch
  • Device Switching Using Password
  • Light Controlled Digital Fan Regulator
  • Home Automation and Security Control Interface with Telephone
  • Line Tracking Robot/Mouse
  • Remote Controlled Stepper Motor
  • Speed Checker for Highways
  • Ultrasonic Proximity Detector
  • Ultrasonic Movement Detector
  • Vehicle Seed Measurement Control Pc Based
  • Pre-Paid Car Parking System
  • Smart Card for Entry Employ
  • Security Access Control System
  • Radar System
  • Pre-Paid Energy Meter
  • Ultrasonic Distance Meter
  • Data Security System

Choose the Industry for doing Project in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

There are various Public sector as well as Private sector firms offering assistance for doing final year projects for various disciplines. The candidate can choose the best among them depending on the reputation of the firms as well as on the interest of the candidate. They should also keep in mind the nature of the project they are about to do while choosing the firm for doing projects. Most of the IT firms, KPOs, research firms and also various other enterprises provide separate sections for doing this final year projects.



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    send the project titles to do a industrial project in salem steel plant

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    plc and labview based final year projects

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    Rinkal Kumar:

    PLC Based Final Year Project

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    please give me an idea elaborately,about the measurement of liquid level.my final tear project is based on level measurement.but i have no such of good idea.so please help me.can you give me any knowledge about it?

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    i want to do a mini project in electronics and instrumentation field.i interested to do that related in biomedical instrumentation.that means instruments for measuringan controlling in biomedical field.can you provide me better ideas for that?