Business Analyst - How to become a Business Analyst?


Those who are involved in analyzing and improving the business operations are referred to as Business Analyst. They closely analyze the operations and technological information concerning the organization. They use relevant information to replace the outdated and inefficient techniques in production, processing and distribution (of final products).

They recommend improved strategies for the efficient working and increased productivity of the organization.  They are also responsible for conveying the same to the employees of the organization and help them in its implementation. Through such operations, these professionals improve the productivity of the organization, which in turn leads to high economic turnover.  The candidate should possess adequate educational qualifications and experience in the profile to do well in the job.

Qualifying Exam

Bachelor degree in business is the basic qualification required for the job of Business Analyst. However, most of the firms prefer postgraduates in business management for the position of the same. The candidate should possess sound knowledge in diverse aspects of business, management, and statistics. The candidate has to get through the screening test carried out by the recruiter in order to obtain job position of the same.

Who are eligible to apply?

The candidates who have passed post graduation in management can apply for the position of Business Analyst. Courses like MBA, MMS, etc will be helpful for one to get in to the role. The candidate has to pass graduation preferably in area of business or statistics in order to have post graduation in business.

Key elements in the process

  • Pursue XII class in any stream from a reputed educational institution
  • Complete graduation preferably in areas of business, management or statistics
  • Obtain post graduation in business management
  • Search and apply for the job of Business Analyst

Skills required for a Business Analyst

The candidate should possess adequate skills in understanding the business technologies and production processes in order to implement new changes in the same. The candidate should possess strong business skills and critical thinking skills to do well in the job. Good personal skills and presentation skills are often preferred for the profession, as the candidate has to present new ideals and strategies among employees. Decision-making skills are also desirable for those who involve in this kind of job.



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    jitesh khosla:

    Hi! I am a 2nd year student.Can i become a BI?? Tell me the whole procedure and requirement to become an BI? And what is the average salary of BI?