Difference between Aeronautical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering


There are a number of students those who possess real fascination for pursuing the course in aeronautical engineering. They get attracted to this course by the prospect of getting a chance to fly the aircraft. The curriculum of this course includes the designing as well as the working of the aircrafts. The aspirants usually get confused by the use of aerospace engineering by many colleges. They usually fail to differentiate between the aeronautical and aerospace engineering.

Aeronautical Engineering course and career opportunities

If the candidates have set their eyes on the field of aircrafts designing, then it is better to take up the course in Aeronautical Engineering as it provides profound knowledge regarding the flying of the aircrafts. If the candidate is very much interested in the space research and related topics like space crafts and aircrafts, then it is an excellent option to pursue aerospace engineering.

Aerospace engineering deals with the study of the law of thermodynamics in the outer space. These are quite different from the laws that are applicable in the earth’s atmosphere. The course in aerospace engineering is not very useful in countries where they do not have a space research institute or organizations as these institutes are responsible for the manufacture of space arms and spacecrafts. Aeronautical is a common engineering course that is available in almost all the major universities across the world. The students those who pass this course gets easily absorbed by the aviation industry.

Aerospace Engineering course and career opportunities

Aerospace Engineering is a much broader branch of study when compared with aeronautical engineering. The word “space” itself defines it. Aeronautical engineering is a narrow branch which is limited to the study of the design of the aircrafts while aerospace engineering is the study of all the space craft’s that are used within and out of the earth’s atmosphere. The curriculum of this course includes the study of satellites, pace stations, missiles, rockets etc. Thus it is very evident that the aerospace engineering course has a much wider field than aeronautical engineering. Accordingly, the students those who pursue this course can look for better job opportunities in organizations like NASA and ISRO.

Key differentiators between Aeronautical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering

  • Aeronautical engineering deals with the design, study and the flying of the aircrafts within the earth’s atmosphere where as aerospace engineering includes the study of both the aircrafts that is being used in as well as out of the atmosphere.

Aeronautical Engineering is a division of aerospace engineering.



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  1. 40
    Susheel kumar:

    I want more information about aeronautical and aerospace engineering and what is the annual salary package at present

  2. 39

    NIN HAO !!!!!sir I want. to become an astronaut .HOW I can fulfill my aim. At which exam I have to appear, which course I should take? I am 12th passed candidate from cbse.

  3. 38

    sir,i have secured 54.33% in puc can i eligible to admition to aeronautical engeering

  4. 37

    Dear sir,
    I am a mechanical engineering student studying in Bangalore under Visveswaraiah Technological University. I am currently in my final year and wish to pursue a master’s course in aerospace engineering either in U.S.A or in India in one of the IITs. Can you please tell me the procedure and if I am eligible or not. Would also appreciate some guidance on what necessary to do to try for IIT. Please do reply.

  5. 36

    any enformation .detail

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    sumiya anjum H:

    Can I join in aerospace engg after completing my diploma in electronics and communication…if so then what will the procedure for admission which are the best colleges offering this course in karnataka…please let me know about this as soon as possible….!!!

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    kamal mehta:

    My parcantial rank in 12th is 89.87. so like to go in aeronotical engineering. i get edmission in gujarat?

  8. 33
    Sukhwinder singh Chauhan:

    I have pass out my XII (10+2) class(Non medical) with 77%. Can i do aerospace engineering without Entrance exame

  9. 32
    ganesh m:

    i have completed my 2nd puc successfully. i would like to choose aerospace engineering for higher education. I want to be a pilot in future. Can i become a pilot with aerospace engineering. Please notify that which is the best course between aeronatical and aerospace engineering?

  10. 31

    Sir, am Hannat and am really looking forward to do aeronautical engnr And i hav secured 99.5 percentage in my 12 will u ple suggest me any good colege wer i can be sssured of placements??? Shud i repeat for iit?i gt selecyion in the entrance exam conducted by hindustan instiyute of technology Nd science so shed i try dt?????pls suggest me the better option where i can be assured of the placements?????

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    Dear sir,
    I’m a village student. I want to study aerospace engineering.
    Is periyar maniyammai university right place for aerospace engineering?
    please help me. Send info to my mail [email protected]

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    list of courses offered to do M.SC in aeronautical after finishing B.E(aeronautical engineering).

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    i am 12th(CBSE kerala) appearing. If i not get selected in jee-mains then how can i apply for aerospace engineering.

  14. 27
    deepak kapasia:

    i am 12th appearing. If i not get selected in jee-mains then how can i apply for aeronautical engeering.

  15. 26
    Shimpy Nikhil:

    i am pursuing BE in mechanical final year. i want to do M.TECH in Aeronautical engg. what is procedure for that for taking
    admission in good college. what is fees? which type of scope available after doing this? pls suggest me .

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    jasmine nihar:

    I am studying 3rd year aeronautical engineering.
    I want to know,what are the fields and scope for girls in aeronautical course?

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    after finishing B.E aeronautical engineering what to do

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    for aerospace engineering which exams i should given

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    Pilot is best or not? I would like became a pilot..Iam doing aeronautical engineering…after finishing degree

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    please give the steps to become an aeronautical engineer including the percetage to be gained in plus two,range of rank to be scored in AIEEE or other state entrance examination,good colleges in india,marks to be score from there and further higher studies.what will be my salary(average) if i realise this dream?Is it essential to take IIT?iam asking because it is little far away from me.

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    ankush bore:

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    what is the fee structure of b.tech in aerospace engineering in iit madras

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    pankaj kumar:

    i want to do a aircraft maintenence engineering , is it best for future regarding job placement,or i can go for aeronautical engineering, if yes then plz tell me the best government college in india , for these coureses . if not then which branch i can choose for engineering from where/which/ plz rovide all in details. an urgently basis.madras institute of technology is a govt.college,reply me admission process/fees etc

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    may i do M.Tech in aerospace engineering after completion B.Tech ECE????????

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    may i do M.Tech in aerospace engineering after completion B.Tech ECE?

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    after aeronautical engineering what to do

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    I m shravanthi studying btech final year and belonging to aeronautical branch .Since i have few days to complete my btech i am in confusing situation about my future with aeronautical background .As my life time goal is to become an astranaut could you please suggest me the path to achieve my goal.Can you please tell me the list of exams conducted by ISRO, NASA and other research centers to join them after my btech .

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    I did diploma in welding and fabrication. Can i proceed to do aircraft engineering? What is the future prospect for dose who study aircraft engineering?

  29. 12

    how to go LONDON for my PG which course to take after finishing BEaeronautical to study in UK after finishing my PG i want to work in NASA for five years at high salary to get back to INDIA to serve to ISRO please help which course i want take for above conditions please replay……..?

  30. 11
    Hemendra singh:

    Between Aerospace engineering and Aircraft maintenance engineering which provides better future?

  31. 10
    Krishna Bhore:

    How can I join Aeronotical Engineering after 12th ?
    How much should I score ?
    Please send me some more information about Aeronotical Engineering.

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    nisha gujar:

    12 th ci exam nantr krta yet ka an percentge kiti pahije?B.E and B.tec mdhun krta yete ka?

  33. 8
    Kalpesh mahesuriya:

    Dear Sir,
    This year, I gave the 10th exam.I like the aeronautical engineering.Can i join the aeronautical engineering?How many percentage to join the aeronautical engineering?

    Give me answer as fast as you.

    Kalpesh mahesuriya

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    Ranjeet kumar:

    I am about to clear my diploma engineering cources under mechanical engineering branch. I have an idea to develope a new model of an ic engine in which the combustin will be inbetween tow pistion, one opposite from other. I want to develope this idea in practical form. How this may be possible. I have good knowedge in the subects such as thermodynamics, refrigeration and air conditioning automobile engg, theory of machine , stength of materil , hydraulic and fluid mechanics .

  35. 6

    sir what is the route to become an astronaut or a space scientist

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    rahul upadhyay:

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    satyaprakash behera:

    I am final yr b tech student in electronics & instrumentation. i want to take admission in that institute. so i want total information about that institute n also the course fee. sir please tell me ……….

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    I am from Bangladesh and want to study aerospace engineering.I have got opportunity to study this course in IIAEIT,PUNE is affiliated to IGNOU.My question is that is it good institution to study aerospace engineering?Actualy i am in confused and having no idea about thats institution.Plz Sir,tell me..

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