Financial Analyst - How to become a Financial Analyst?


Financial Analyst is one among the most popular careers in financial sector. They evaluate, analyze and generate reports on the financial situation of the organization. As they involve with such activities they can put out necessary suggestions on the investments, in financial management and in effective utilization of financial resources. They analyze the sales, tax rates, and other cost and expenses incurred in financial transactions of the organization.

Qualifying Exam

A postgraduate degree in Finance is preferred for the post of financial analyst. Most of the firms employ students with Master’s Degree in Business administration. The Master’s Degree should be obtained with specialization in Finance from any of the reputed B-schools offering the same. The basic qualification required for the job is an undergraduate degree in Commerce, Business, Economics or Mathematics. Those with degree qualification can move to the post of Financial Analyst with experience.

Who are eligible to apply?

Those who have passed higher secondary course from any of the reputed institutes are eligible to apply for under graduate courses in Commerce, Business, Economics or Mathematics. After completing the undergraduate degrees, the aspirant can apply for an MBA degree with specialization in Finance. The qualification is enough to apply for the job profile of Financial Analyst in any of the reputed firms offering the same.

Key elements in the Process

  • Pursue graduation in any of the disciplines of Business, Economics or Mathematics.
  • Pursue MBA with specialization in Finance from any of the reputed management institutes
  • Apply for jobs in the role of Financial Analyst in an established firm.

Skills required for the post of Financial Analyst

The professionals should possess certain skills along with essential educational qualifications for the job designation of Financial Analyst. Practical knowledge in accounting and finance are essential to these professionals. Computer proficiency is also required as financial transactions are mainly performed through Computer. As finance analysis is involved with risky facts, good mental strength is also desirable to get accomplished in the profession. Sufficient personal skills and accuracy in financial transactions are also required for those who engage in this type of business.  Sound Communication and presentation skills are required to express creative ideas and to explain financial reports.



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