Jobs after B.Tech in Chemical Engineering


Chemical Engineering is a division of engineering which deals with the production of chemicals and chemical related products by implementing various chemical and engineering practices. It also deals with solving various problems involved in the creation and use of chemicals and bio chemicals.

There are many job opportunities for those who have completed B.Tech in Chemical Engineering. Chemical Engineers have job openings in Manufacturing Industries. They also work in different fields health services, business etc. They also have to do research in specific fields like Nanotechnology, Biotechnology etc. Chemical engineering Graduates have job openings in private companies and government offices.

Private Sector Jobs after B.Tech in Chemical Engineering

The people who have Chemical Engineering Graduation have wide variety of job openings in the private sector. The nature of the job varies according to the industry they work. Chemical Engineers can work in mineral-based industries, chemical industries, manufacturing industries etc. Some chemical Engineers develop their own business of manufacturing, processing etc. Chemical Engineers can focus in specific fields like polymerization, oxidation etc. of various products. They can get jobs in fields like designing Chemical equipments, manufacturing various chemical substances, supervisors in manufacturing plants etc.

They can get jobs in refineries, chemical industries, manufacturing plants of insecticides, paints, medicines etc. They can also work in fields like Teaching, Research, designing products, processing etc. The candidates can also work as Chemical Engineers in reputed firms. Candidates who possess a Management degree after B.Tech have high demand in private Industries. They can work as Operations Manager, Production Manager, Project Engineers, and Project Managers etc.

Government Sector Jobs after B.Tech in Chemical Engineering

Government sector offers a wide variety of jobs for the Chemical Engineering graduates. They have openings in petroleum Industries, refineries, atomic Power Plants, Health Related Research Institutes etc. They have openings in manufacturing plants of synthetics Fibres, plastics, explosives etc as well. Government appoints Chemical Engineers mainly for solving various environmental issues like environmental pollution, waste treatment, protecting environmental regulations, recycling, and energy conservation from different energy sources. They have opportunities in biotechnological and nanotechnological organizations. ONGC, IOCL, SAIL etc are the major oil petroleum companies under Govt.of India providing job opportunities for the Chemical Engineering graduates.

Job Prospects Abroad after B.Tech in Chemical Engineering

They have openings in Multinational companies in the fields of

  • Food Processing
  • Explosive manufacturing
  • Mineral Processing
  • Coal Preparation
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing Industries

The Chemical Engineering graduates have job opportunities in India as well as in foreign countries. Chemical engineers employment opportunities have increased nowadays.



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    sabarish mohan:

    i am second year chemical engineerig student ,i have dout that i am a student with average mark but i dont have such a skill in mathematics but iwant an job in production field in DRDO couild you please help me…….

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    What are the opportunity for girls in chemical enggineering.I recently completed my B.Tech chemical enggineering

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    What is the job in goverment sector after BE chemical?

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    pl name the university offering eng course
    through correspondence.


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    dear.sir.i have complete diploma in mechanical production and i want that take admission in chemical eng.laterel entry this is possible or not tell me .my mobile number is.09410014794

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    Suji mary zachariah:

    I wan’t to know companies requiring chemical engineers as trainees.

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    What is the scope of process equipment and engineering design course after btech chemical engg.
    Please suggest the name of institute or college

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    i am pursing . wt is the minumam % in 2 score good job.

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    pl name the university offering eng course
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