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Biological anthropology, Cultural anthropology and archeology are the sub disciplines of Anthropology. Study of physical characteristics, variability and evolution of human organism all are defined in Biological anthropology. Non biological, behavioral aspects of society are concerned with Cultural Anthropology. Ethnography and ethnology are two branches of cultural anthropology.  Study of the human past is called as Archeology. There are many more divisions of anthropology like forensic anthropology, Marxist anthropology etc.

Man in time and space is directly concerned with this. The stages of development of man is referred by ‘time and differentiation of physical and cultural types in modern man living is different environment is referred by ‘space’. Human evolution and variation are two principal focuses of Anthropology.

The study of humanity is called Anthropology. To the solution of human problems Applied anthropology languages are being applied. In theoretical and practical understanding of human culture behaviour Applied Anthropologist  as problem solves are being used.

Nature of Work
We can get to how to generate theoretical knowledge of a man by studying Anthropology. Some of the branches that Anthropologists pursue are:

  • Physical Anthropology
  • Archaeological Anthropology
  • Socio - Cultural Anthropology
  • Linguistic Anthropology
  • Applied Anthropology

Physical anthropology
A man as an organism and his place in biological evolution is concerned with Physical anthropology. Reaction to different physical environments, classification of early forms and physical difference between the races of species are dealt by physical anthropologists.

Archaeological anthropologist
The investigation and analysis of remains of human activity is done by Archeological anthropologists. Bones or material objects are there in remains.  To dig and classify is the main task of the Prehistoric archeologists as they need to compare them with material from other areas.

Socio-cultural anthropologist
They study about people and their way of life and deal with the association, bands, tribes and communities.

Linguistic anthropologist

In this, the linguistic archeologists study both written and unwritten languages as linguists are mainly concerned with study of how languages, particularly written and is constructed.

Applied anthropologist
To solve industrial problems of labour unrest and areas of birth control, malnutrition, medicine and juvenile delinquency Anthropologists help government agencies.

Study and Training
Any graduate is eligible to study for Anthropology. Specifies aggregate and written is required. B.Sc./M.Sc. in anthropology can be done by science students.



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    I completed my pg from anthropology(physical anthropology) 20 years back.i want to work now.iam in u.s.please give me some guidence so that i can get a job based on my qualification.i will be thankfull to you.

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    I have taken my pg degree from ANTHROPOLGY (physical anthropology) now i want to take a degree in Forensic Science to be a Forensic Doctor,so plz give me some guidence or suggestion for making my dream come true, I will be thankfull to you.