Difference between Archaeologist and Anthropologist


Everyone may be having a query related to whether archaeology is a part of anthropology or are they separate and independent disciplines of science which contribute to each other on identical basis. Both these disciplines came up from a common interest to comprehend human diversity. Although both this fields have a great deal of overlapping in the course content, they are not precisely identical. They use a number of same processes and techniques, but when examining data and artifacts, the objectives of archaeology and anthropology are diverse to some extent.

Archaeologist and Opportunities

Archaeology is a science which deals with the study of human history. An Archaeologist is one who can find employment opportunities in museums, archives, as well as in various research institutes. Moreover, they can search for a career in prominent archaeological educational institutes such as Institute of Archaeology, Delhi Institute of Heritage Research and Management, National Museum Institute, and so on. They can also work in Tourism Industry, Cultural Centres, Underwater Archaeology wing, Archaeological Survey of India, Historic Division of Ministry of External Affairs, and much more. The job profiles of Archaeologists in these areas include:

  • Aerial Archaeologist
  • Computational Archaeologist
  • Experimental Archaeologist
  • Ethno Archaeologist
  • Forensic Archaeologist
  • Historical Archaeologist
  • Maritime Archaeologist
  • Zoo Archaeologist

Anthropologist and Opportunities

Anthropology is a field of social science which is mainly concerned with human life and origin. An Anthropologist is a social scientist who deals with the studies regarding the origin and cultural, physical, and social advancement of human beings. They can search out for a job in various organizations such as Research Institutes, Museums, Public Health Organizations, Cultural Centres, Libraries, Planning Commissions, Archives, Art Galleries, and so on. The aspirants can also find out numerous opportunities in Anthropological Survey of India. The job prospects offered in these departments for an Anthropologist are listed below.

  • Physical Anthropologist
  • Biological Anthropologist
  • Social Anthropologist
  • Prehistoric Anthropologist
  • Applied Anthropologist
  • Linguistic Anthropologist
  • Medical Anthropologist
  • Forensic Anthropologist
  • Business Anthropologist
  • Visual Anthropologist
  • Environmental Anthropologist
  • Museum Anthropologist

Key difference between Archaeologist and Anthropologist

  • Anthropologists pay attention in subjects concerning human activities, behavior and its development where as Archaeologist deals with the study of the material remains of past human life
  • Technically speaking, an Anthropologist studies all characteristics of humankind. On the other hand, an Archaeologist studies the past by recuperating and scrutinizing artifacts and proof of material civilization.

Even though both the field of science are mutually linked, the work areas as well as the job prospects are different. The remunerations for the Archaeologist and Anthropologist are also dissimilar.



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